08 November 2010

Family Vacation At Brenton-On - Sea And A Surprise

Hello everyone, today I would like to show you family pictures of our holiday to Brenton - On - Sea. We go on holiday once a year and we always go to Brenton - On - Sea near Knysna.
Brenton - On - Sea is at the beach so we can walk everyday. 
This year we went from the 22nd to the 31st of October.
It is a six hour drive from Durbanville (where we live) to Brenton - On - Sea.
This year my dad made a “bed” in the back of our bus. 
I call it the “hot box” since it is very hot when the sun shines in there.
The little ones can sit there with my mother or me and then we will play with them or read them stories. My mother can also make them asleep there, so that they don’t get moody from being bored or tired.

David age 4 and Andrew age 5

Daniel age 2 asleep in the “Hot box”.
We arrived in Brenton -On - Sea about 5 o clock, (we left at 10:30) but since there was road works on the road we had to stop 3 times for 20 minutes  and had to wait for other cars to pass!! 
When we arrived we went the beach immediately, just to walk and run in the water, though David and Daniel were very scared for the water!
On Saturday, it was cloudy and cool so we did not go to the beach.
We went to your favorite restaurant called “Cafe Mario’s” at the Knysna Waterfront. It is an Italian restaurant and we just love their Pizzas!

Since we ordered a table for 10 people, we had a little room with a long table all for your selves!

CJ age 16 with his sea food pizza (he loves sea foods!)

Andrew with his pizza 

And little Daniel with his pizza!
David’s birthday was on the 29th of October (the Friday)
but since it was a rainy day on Sunday we decided to celebrate his birthday on the Sunday.

Me making David’s “cake.” It’s a Trifle (David call it the “Marshmellow pudding”)
We also put some jelly on the top, with four candles.

David with his cake

Michael just loved the candles!

I also made David a birthday box with a little boy with a sword and a horse. I think there is NO better picture to describe David!
He is the king, with his sword and horse. He always have a stick in his hand as a sword to fight his bigger brothers!
In this box my mother put really small boxes of smarties, caramel bears (my favourite!) and little cars for each of the brothers and younger sister.
David fighting against CJ, with his new sword! CJ’s fighting with a wooden spoon!
We also went to the “Outeniqua Transport museum” in George on Sunday morning.
Here are some pictures:

All the children 

We had a lovely time!
When we got home we wanted to go to the beach so my dad took us down to the beach in the rain! Leaving my mother, Michael and Daniel in our little cottage. Half way down my dad decided it was too cold and wet for the Andrew and David, so he took them back.
CJ, Josua, Danika and myself kept going!
When we got there CJ flew his kite, but it was so wet that we decided to pack up! 

This is what we looked like when we got home! Ha-ha-ha wet all over! 
On Monday it was still cold and rainy so we went to the “Garden of Eden” (it’s a little part of what is left of the Knysna forest)
It was fun looking at all the big trees and feel how the wood cutters lived in the woods years ago.

In the forest!
On Tuesday it was a sunny day at last!
Though there was a bit of a wind we enjoyed the beach a lot.
My dad and I went “boogie boarding” and it was a lot of fun, though the wind was a bit unpleasant to my mother and the little ones (CJ flew his kite and did not Boogie board)

It is a tradition in our family to always build airplanes, boats or cars for the little boys, out of sand what they can sit in. Daniel age 2 (my mother built this one)
David in his airplane (I built this one)
On Wednesday we went to the beach, early in the morning.
There was almost no wind!
This time CJ and Josua joined my dad and me in boogie boarding!

Michael really enjoyed the beach and all the sand!!
Each time after we went to the beach we went to a pool near our house to wash of all the sand.
(Only Josua, myself, Danika and Andrew swam)

I just had to put this picture in!
(P.S. my face is a bit white of the sun cream!)
On Thursday, it was too cold to go to the beach so we went to the Cango caves. I have been there once before, but that was when Danika was the baby so we thought the little ones would like it. 

At the entrance of the cave

A beautiful family photo. From left to right: Me, David, CJ, Daniel, Josua, Andrew, Michael, my mother, Danika and my dad.

It’s really dark in some parts of the cave 

It was really pretty in there! 
After we went to the Cango caves we stopped at a play park for the little ones to get rid of all there energy. It is a two hour drive from Knysna to the Cango caves.

CJ and Josua really missed the horse riding farm and went for a Camil ride!

Then the adventures CJ and Josua went for a “foefie slide” over the dam (I did’t want to do it!)

Here comes Josua!!
We only got home late Thursday night because we went for dinner to Cafe Mario’s again!
Friday was the best day at the beach!
We had NO wind and it was such a hot summer day!

We had so much fun boogie boarding!
Though only My dad, CJ, Josua and myself really boogie boarded, but the others wanted to be in the picture too!

Andrew was crazy about the water and just could not stay out of the water!

After we boogie boarded, we played in the water and CJ and Josua found crabs, octopuses, jelly fish and soles! Look at Josua’s face!

A crab!
We did’t take pictures of the sole fish because, they swim too fast. For the octopus, we did’t have the camera ready!!
And more fun pictures:

Michael playing in the water! He swam in the water when he was very little at Mauritius. But this time he was with all his siblings!

Little boys helping daddy!

Then playing in the tent! 

‘Braai Stok brood’ - when you roll dough on a stick and grill it over an open fire. 

A beautiful family photo at the famous Knysna Heads!

One of all the children.

My dad and mom.
We had such a blessed time!
It was sad to go home, but I guess what was waiting for me??
On Monday night my dad got home from work and said: “There is a few parcels for you!” 
A few?? yes there were three envelops!

and what was inside?
Some of the DT cards for my blog anniversary challenge from Tracey, Gunn and Tanja.
 AND dear Gunn and Tanja sent christmas cards for me personally, too! 

Tanja’s card, I love the paper and the stamp is gorgeous! 

And Gunn’s card, I love the flowers and the tag!
Thank you so much dear Gunn and Tanja!
Paola another very special blog friend, also sent me personally a card a few week ago, with her Christmas card!

This is Paola’s card, I love the stamp with all the glitter and pearls.
Thank you so much everyone!
It was such a surprise to come home from a great holiday and find this waiting for me!
Don’t forget every one, my challenge has not closed yet!
So hop over, make a Christmas card for the elderly and stand a change to win great candy! You still have time!
Have a blessed week every one 
Crafty Greetings


  1. What a lovely family holiday you seem to have had. Makes me think of when my family was younger and the lovely holidays we had. Treasure them.

  2. Hi Heidi - Mari!

    Sorry I haven't looked/commented on your blog for such a long time. Sorry .....! I love all the pics! It looks like you must have had a really ace holiday!

    One of the good things about being home schooled is that you can go away whenever you chose, not just in school holidays. Unfortunatly, I will be going to school next year (well, not UNFORTUNATLY - I really want to)so we will only be able to go away in school holidays.

    Love your Blog!

    Izi xoxoxo

  3. WoW Heidi I so enjoyed looking at your family's holiday you all looked as if you were having a great time, its so nice coming from a large family and enjoying your time together


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