14 July 2011

My 14th Birthday Party - Mother and Daughter Tea!!

Hello everyone, today I would like to show you photos of my birthday. 
I turned 14 on the 11th of July and on the 9th my mother and I had a real mother and daughter tea party! My mother and I promised each other months before that we would not stress or panic about arranging everything. So not once during the preparations did we stress!
My mother and I had SO much fun together in the kitchen and enjoyed baking and chatting together the week before. Here are some pictures:
CJ and my Mother putting frames up for our Scrapbook pages!
We put up scrapbook pages of me, since it was my birthday.
The table!
From the top to the bottom: Lemon cubes (the pink ones), Cream Puffs, Caramel Slices, Little Baskets, Rum Balls, again Lemon Cubes and Cream Puffs.
Mini Lemon Cheese Cakes!
Meat Balls with a Tomato and little cheese cube, and cheese biscuits with apricot jam. I will try and post the recipes soon.
Beautiful arrangement of flowers my parents had made for me!!
The tea cup! 
The name tags I made, together with a little basket with a little chocolate in! (I didn’t make the basket though, only decorated it)
The entrance......Beautiful, isn’t it!!!

My favourite!!
My Friend, Sarah and her Mother and Sister. Sarah and I “met” over the blog and we love to meet for a card making afternoon! 
My Ballet friend Petra and her Mother. Petra and I have been friends from very little.
Another Ballet Friend, Nicole and her Mother. 
Another Card Making Friend Nicole, with her Mother and twin sisters. Our Mothers know each other and Nicole and I did crafts and blogging together!
Me, my mother and Danika.

I love this picture!!
My lovely skirt ........... made by my mother!! I just love it!! The shoes are “foggies” that my mother  brought for me as an early Birthday present! Here are some more pictures of what I got for my birthday:
Little Danika gave me this scarf to wear over my jersey. Saturday afternoon, for the tea.
Danika also gave me this beautiful card! She is such an amazing little sister!
And this is what I got on Monday morning: 
Ooooo what’s in the box???
WOW!! A DIY tool kit!!!!! I asked my father and brothers, I want a pink side-cutter for my birthday, since I always need to borrow my dad and brothers’s side-cutters to cut the wire of my paper flowers. Now I got this!! A whole set of PINK tools!!!
On Monday afternoon my dad took my mother and I out for lunch and it was really SO nice just me, my mother and father!!
On Monday night we made my favorite meal.........Pizza!!!!!!
My own home made pizza while we watched “Apollo 13” the movie which I also got for my birthday. I had SUCH a lovely birthday from such a LOVELY family. Thank you so much Dad, Mom, all the brothers and Danika!!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Crafty Greetings


  1. Oh Heidi...what a beautiful tea party you had...so wish I could have been there! Lovely post and I love your tool kit! The photos are stunning! Miss you ever so much! P.S. Your skirt is pretty, too! Lots and lots of love, your best friend, Kelly-Anne

  2. Thank you so much for inviting me!!!!

  3. What a fantastic post and what a lovely setting for the tea. Happy Birthday to you and your Mum.

  4. You look like you had a birthday that you have many happy memories to cherish from what a super girly tea party.

  5. Wow, how special Heidi - it all looked so beautiful! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wonderful that you and your Mom didn't get stressed at all during the preparations. So glad you had such a blessed birthday. lots of love, Karyn


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