28 January 2015

Tour To America and Special Times with My Mother Part #2

Hi everyone, I hope all is well! I’ve written Part #2 of my tour to America as promised! Here is part one if you haven’t seen it yet.
After we received our NASP National colours on the Friday, the next morning was our first competition which was the NASP World Tournament where anyone could take part individually. There were more than 2000 archers from America, Canada and South Africa. 

These were some of the South African (target shirts) and Canadian archers. We met a lot of great people there and I am still in touch with some of them! 

After the shooting, while we were waiting for the scores we did the “monkey dance” with all the archers. It was a lot of fun! South Africa did really excellent at the Tournament.

The hotel where we stayed, had a small kitchen and my mother and I made hamburgers and watched a movie on the TV. I didn’t even know what channel to watch (since we don’t have a TV at home!) but we found a really nice movie and enjoyed the time together so much!

 The next day the American’s took us to the Mount Olympus water and theme park! 

We took a bus and drove for about an hour to the park. We were all very excited as you can see! 

Before we headed out they took us for a drive around the State Capital, so we could see all the sides. 

Apparently this is the only capitol in America with a women statue on top.

 We drove past a lot of corn fields on our way. It was beautiful and I loved the red barns!!   

Ready to ride the biggest roller-coaster, first! It goes under a parking lot (pitch dark!) and comes out the other side and back. It is also one of the biggest wooden roller-coasters in the world!

I just had to do this! It’s like a huge swing, I am in the right seat.

This was the water slide!! 

Pure enjoyment! 

They even had indoor slides for children, it made me miss my little brothers!

I also made some penny Souvenirs!  

The next day was the All Stars Championships with the top 16 archers of each country. It was between USA, Canada and South Africa. Here are some of us, kind of nervous before we start shooting. 

Watch out for South Africa!  

Our first shoot, the guy shooting with me was the Worlds Champion. I didn’t recognise him until after the shoot when my mom told me! 

Scoring some neat arrows.

The All Stars has different rules than a normal tournament.
The 16 archers from each team gets divided into 4 teams of 4 archers, group #1, 2, 3 and 4.
Loooooong story short the groups need to shoot out against each other to see which country wins. My group ended up shooting 5 flights that day! We were exhausted that evening! 

After the shooting the next day I took a new target and asked the 3 countries’ teams to sign it for me! 
I had it laminated and it’s now hanging in my room! 

South Africa got second place (Silver) , winning Canada.   

We were all so happy to have been able to take part and do really well!  

The supporters/couches also got a medal!
We had a couple more days to spend in Madison before the rest of the team headed home and my mother and I headed to Nashville 

So one afternoon we went walking in the town streets and found Sugar……..  

It’s like the ultimate sweet shop!! 

Yes, I bought some fancy sweets for my brothers there!

We also went to watched a baseball game!  

 We had some real unhealthy hamburgers and candy floss too!

We stopped at the fire department - where the firemen and women proudly drove out their fire trucks for us to see.

I think my mother will drive the trucks pretty good!  

They even lifted the ladder for us to see! 

There was also this soap shop. That sold some amazing pretty and creative soaps!

We loved Subway! Their sandwiches were really good - and you could put on whatever you liked!

 My little brothers love the movie Alvin and The Chipmunks. They know the movie was made in America and so they asked us to say hi to the chipmunks from them! We actually spotted a chipmunk and they were so happy when they saw this picture!

My mother and I at the Capital!

Watch this space for Part #3 - our time in Nashville Tennessee.

Thanks for reading I’ll be posting again soon!

22 January 2015

Tour To America and Special Times with My Mother Part #1

I want to share a little about my tour to America.
As you might have seen in my last post I do Archery now, and was part of the South African Team that went to Madison, Wisconsin, USA in July 2014. 

My dear mother went with me. It was really special to have her along and have her all to myself for 3 weeks! This is on our first flight, very excited, as it was my first time out of the country. 

The night we flew over Italy, there was a thunderstorm and I managed to catch one on camera. It was quite amazing to see from above the clouds! 
 We stopped in Frankfurt, Germany for a 2 hour layover. Mom and I didn’t have our boarding passes printed yet, so we went ahead of the group, to get out passes printed. 

 After our boarding passes had been issued, we had 45min before boarding. We could walk around the German shops in the airport. Here I’m standing at a little coo-coo clock shop. 

On our way to the USA, beautiful sight. 

As we came into Chicago. Our last flight to Madison was delayed with 2 hours so we had a lot of time to kill at the Chicago airport. 

This is Madison from the air! It’s so beautiful and non of the houses have fences! 

We took the local bus to the hotel and literally stacked the bus with all our luggage and bow boxes! 

We arrived at our hotel early afternoon and later that evening walked over to a bowling alley to have dinner and play some bowling. Me on the left with 2 friends. 

We had lost of fun, I played for the first time ever! 

The next day we went walking around in the streets of Madison. It was so interesting for us to see how the people stopped in the road for us to pass on foot - not something you see in South Africa very often. 

Every day we got day passes for the bus and would drive from one place to the other! 

We stopped at Dunkin Doughnuts which had the best donuts I have ever tasted! 

Madison was so beautiful and green. 

There are also a LOT of lakes in Madison.   

 We enjoyed walking in the streets, with trees everywhere!

And beautiful houses! 

There was even a real yellow school bus. We only see those in movies! 

American flag! 

We had to wait for the metro bus and we would sit on the soft, green grass while waiting.
Yes the grass was really soft! 

We saw some beautiful flowers as we walked! 

We went to the Henry Vilas Zoo. 

And had some fun in the children playground! 

The whole team with family waiting for a bus to go to the mini golf course. 

The mini golf course was amazing and totally different to what we are used to! 

We also tried to hit some real golf balls with a real club…….. 

I think we did a good job! Lol! 

The South African team girl archers!

There was no red meat at the places we stayed, so my mother and I went to a seafood and grill late one afternoon. We had the most amazing steak with backed potato. We enjoyed the time alone, it was also the day before my Birthday so it was like my birthday dinner! 

The next day I got my NASP South African/National colours on my 17th birthday! It was so special! 

My mother on the left, myself, Roy Grimes (President of NASP) and Wilhelm Greeff, President of NASP S.A. 

The South African team with coaches and team managers.

This is part #1 of our American Tour. There are still lots more photos to show and events to tell about, if I put it all in one post it will be way to long. Read Part #2 and Part #3!

Thanks for Reading!

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