04 May 2011

My second “Liebster Blog’ award and 5th blog award!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is well! 
Today I would like to show you another blog award I received from a dear friend, Joanne! 

Though I have received this award before I’m very thankful I got it again!!
So I can sent it on to others who don’t have it yet! 
Thank you so much Joanne I really appreciate it! 
The aim for this award is to give it to blogs that don’t not have “thousands” of followers. To get the word out on these blogs! 
To get this award I must do the following:
1. Accept the award and make a post and post the “Love blog photo.” (picture above) - Done 
2. Link back to the person who gave you the award and say if you accept - Done 
3. Choose 3-5 of your favorite blogs to tag, link theirs in your post too and tell the lucky people they’ve been tagged - Here are my 5 tagged people:

Clare from - Crafty Clare

Helene from - Mammylade 

Marianne from - Marianne’s Craftroom
If the people I have tagged, accept, please do the above 3 steps. 
Have a blessed weekend 
Crafty Greetings 


  1. Thank you so much for passing the award to me Heidi. xx

  2. Cool Post, Heidi-Mari. Well done for getting that award again, you so deserve it!

    Izi : 0

  3. Thanks sweetie for this award and well done on getting it yourself. You are so kind to think of me, I really appreciate it but I did receive and post it before so please don't mind if I don't post it again. Marianne x

  4. Dearest Heidi-Mari, well done, you are a brilliant friend and blogger! Lots of love, Kelly-Anne

  5. that is so sweet of you, thank you honey!


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