07 May 2011

Card Making Work Shop, Are You Interested....................?

Hello everyone, today I would like to show you what I’ve been doing this past week. On the 21st of April I presented my first Card Making Workshop!! 

I was SO nervous! But as soon as I got started, I had a lot of fun! 
One of my “blog friends” Sarah’s mother invited me. Once a month they have a group of girls that come together and then they do some kind of craft. So she ask if I would be interested in giving this group a Card Making Workshop/class. I thought to it a try. I did give my sister and a few girls a Card Making Class a year ago for her birthday, but it wasn’t really a lesson or anything. So here are some pictures of what it looked like!

My “clean” table, getting every thing cut and ready. I can get really messy with my crafting!! This is not even really messy! Luckily I always need to pick up EVERYTHING when I’m done, because this is not my crafting room OR table, it is the dining room and table! 

The girls rushed to get their crafting goodie every time they could choose the next embellishment! 

Coloring their images! 
Then for the cutting, buffing and distressing of the paper!!

Look at the concentration on the little girls face, “not to much glue, or else it will smudge on the sides!!”

It looks as if she enjoyed it!.............. Well I know I did!!
Here are the finished cards! 

If you are interested in Workshop/class for a birthday party or just for fun, please feel free to e-mail me at Heidi-Mari@aboverubies.co.za  and I can get back to you! Do remember it don’t have to be girls only, it can also be for mommies!! Any age!
Have a great week everyone
Crafty Greetings


  1. Well Done Heidi-Mari..I hope you get lots of interest!..The girls certainly look like they had fun..and such lovely cards...

  2. Hey Heidi!
    Thank you for doing it for us!
    We all really enjoyed it!

  3. hi Heidi, Thank you very much! I really enjoyed it too :)
    Keren <3


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