27 March 2012

Lues Family’s Holiday At Brenton On Sea 2012

Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing well. I guess the title of this post says it all! Our family holiday 2012! Every year we go to our favorite holiday place, Brenton On Sea for a few days.We stay in a beautiful little Wooden cottage which is very close to the beach and it’s a 20 min drive from Knysna. This year we went in March. It was an amazing holiday, the Lord really blessed us!!!
I wanted to share some pictures with you, hope you like them:

All of us children on the beach with KNYSNA 2012 written on the sand.
We “Boogie-Boarded” as always:

CJ, Josua and I waiting for the perfect wave, at the back. 

We like the big and deep waters, while little ones prefer the shallow waters.

 Playing in the water:

Trying to catch some fish.

Only got a crab!
Playing in the Sand:


The little ones ate raisins from their trucks!

We also went to Plettenberg Bay:

Where we managed to catch some fish!! 

“Look I got one!!”

And had some ice creams!

One day it was cold so we couldn’t swim, but we took our kites down to the beach and had SO much fun!!

My dad helped me get started.

I only crashed it three or four times!

My dad and Josua.

And CJ’s. He’s pretty good at it and has a bigger kite. (He never wears his hat this way around, just wanted to be funny, I guess!)

Every time we finished at the beach we had to carry everything back up!!

Then we would go for a swim in the area pool. This helped to get all the sand off everyones bodies and swimsuites.

We also “braai” (barbecue) almost every night.

Making “Stick-bread” - bread dough wrapped around a stick baked on the open fire, twisted off the stick and served with butter and honey inside, yummmmy!!
Playing around the house:

We went for a boat ride on the John Ben:

It’s tradition to always.......

Go for pizza and Milkshakes at our favourite restaurant Cafe Mario, (look at David’s face!)

Toast Marshmallows on the open fire,

Make a Trifle,

Go to the Knysna heads for a few photos, (they caught some more fish!)

We also went to friends, who live just outside Knysna for lunch and dinner.

We haven’t seen them in a long time, it was really great to catch up again!

Kelly and I also had a photo shoot:

We had an amazing holiday, I think it was the best holiday I EVER had!!

Good Bye....

Brenton On Sea, Till Next Time....

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