30 October 2011

Kelly’s Sensational Sewing Challenge

Hi everyone. Today I would like to show you something I made for Kelly’s Sensational Sewing Challenge.

The theme is...
I’m entering felt doughnuts! My sister Danika loves playing tea with the doughnuts I made.

 I took the photos on a felt plate that my mom made. I found the pattern for the doughnuts here.
The one is a doughnut with pink icing and a naartjie on top. I added red beads too, to look like sprinkles.
The other is also with icing on top but two almonds added.

It was fun to make. You don’t need a sewing machine, it’s fast and easy.

Please hop over to Kelly’s sewing challenge and see if you can take part in her challenge!
Have a blessed week 
Sewing Greetings 

29 October 2011

Most Fun In Weeks!!!!!

The first weekend of October was one of the best weekends I had in weeks! It was my dad’s 44th birthday on the 1st of October so we went for a Lindt  Chocolate coarse. (It’s the Lues family’s favorite chocolate. Especially my dad’s.) Dear friends of ours looked after the little ones while we where out. We had such a fantastic experience! 
During the first half of the coarse we learned some basic facts about chocolate and how to appreciate different kinds of chocolate with all five senses - taste, smell, feel, sight and sound.
Then we decorated lollypop chocolate balls, by dipping them in melted chocolate and then in crushed nuts and little white chocolate flakes. It was a lot of fun!

The chef that gave the class said that he would give a free Lindt chocolate bar to the one with the biggest chocolate lollypop and something else to the one with the most creative decorated lollipop!

Josua ended up making the biggest lollypop! Dipping the ball in the melted chocolate, then in the nuts, then back in the chocolate and back in the chocolate flakes! (Which was my idea at first! lol) 
He could pick any Lindt chocolate bar of his choice and got the Crème Brûlée chocolate!
My mother was the most creative! She made a little face, by dipping it in the chocolate, then letting it “fall” on a plastic bag up-side-down. Letting it cool down and drawing a face with some more chocolate. She won two more chocolate “lolly-pops” Isn’t it so cute?

Melted Chocolate!!

Making a pattern on my chocolate lollypop.

Then the chef showed us how to make a chocolate rose.
It is so pretty and doesn’t take long to make! He must have seen how much I liked it, because at the end he gave it to me! 

I was so happy! I was always admiring those chocolate roses.
At the moment I’m saving all my money to go on another coarse, on how to work with chocolate.
On Saturday morning we went to “Ratanga Junction” which is a theme park in Cape Town. We left early the morning and we where there a few minutes before they opened at 10 am. It was a bit cloudy and cold when we arrived, it stayed cloudy throughout the day, but it wasn’t that cold.

First the younger ones rode airplanes that goes up and down.

 Then some of us rode cars on tracks.

My parents CJ, Josua, Danika, Andrew and I went on a roller coaster in the shape of shoes. 

Then some of us went on the big wheel. The little ons really wanted to ride it.

 Some more airplanes!
Then we did the “Monkey Falls” which is a water ride.

CJ, Josua and I went first, while my parents looked after the little ones and took pictures.

Pretty high and then......


Then my parents and Josua went while CJ and I took the photos and took care of the little ones.

That was really a lot of fun even though it was cold.

Then the little ones did a ‘Mini Monkey Falls’, at least that is what the little ones called it.
Aren’t they so cute?

 Next was the “Cobra” which is the BIG roller coaster. You can see it from far away!
It is very fast, very high, very rough, very scary and lots of fun!

Waiting for our turn.

“Oh dear, what have I done to myself” lol! No turning back now.

 Slowly being pulled up and then let go.....
My dad took this picture and I love it!

Everything happens SO fast, it is one of the best rides. But you must really have a lot of guts!

Then we did this thing, you sit in a round bucket that spins round and round, then turns in a small circle and then in another big circle. It was really fun and Danika and Andrew did it 6 times!
After that we did the “Diamond Devil” it looks like an old mine’s train tracks and you ride on the train:

This is all photos we have of the Diamond Devil, there where many more great things on this roller coaster, but we couldn’t take photos of it.

The little ones also rode a huge Merry-Go-Round, Michael enjoyed it tremendously!

I love this photo.

We also did the “Congo Queen”. It’s a boat that swings from one side to the other. 

 I loved it. We all had a lovely time and the little ones where so good. 
We walked out at 16:45, 15min before they closed. We spend the entire day in the park! From the moment they opened at 10:00 to the moment they closed at 17:00. 
After that my dear brother CJ spoiled us for a pizza dinner with money he made being a stunt rider for movies. It was a blessing to come home and not have to prepare a meal. 
It was the most fun, we had in weeks. I hope you liked looking at the pictures.
Coaster Greetings!

26 October 2011

Photo Challenge Entries:

 Hello everyone! I hope you are all well.  Today I want to enter two photos in two challenges.

Over at Snapshot Saturday the theme this week is food. I’m entering the following photo in this challenge:
Yummy, yum! This photo was taken while my mother and I made a Gooey Chocolate Pudding. Here, the Lindt chocolate and butter is melting. 

Monday Moments Photo Challenge’s theme is Inspired by a Book/Movie!

This photo reminds me of........

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s chocolate waterfall”
Both pictures I took has it’s original colour, I didn’t change anything on it.

You can find this amazing chocolate pudding recipe over at my mother’s blog.

This is what it looks like when the pudding is done.
I hope you like my photos!
Photo Greetings
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