03 September 2011

Another Blog Award - One Lovely Blog Award!!!

 Hello everyone! 

I received another blog award!! This time the “One Lovely Blog Award” from Rebacca from Living For Christ. 

Thank you so much Rebecca for giving me this award, I’m honored!!
To get this award I have to share seven thing about myself and pass it on to 15 other blogs.

Here are seven things about myself:
1 First of all, I’m a daughter of the one and only King and I love Him very much. (I’m a Christian)
2 I love ballet and it is my heart’s desire to play the main cast in a ballet concert one day!
3 I want to get married young, so I can have ALL the children God wants me to have!
4 I want to go to Switzerland one day.
5 I love cooking in the kitchen with my mother and I have a Baking Challenge that runs every two weeks to encourage mothers and daughters to cook! 
6 I love my family and my mother is one of my best friends!
7 Since my mother lost a baby at 12 weeks, I want to have another little sibling with ALL my heart. We are desperately praying for twins!
Pass this award on to 15 other blogs. I don’t really have 15 blogs to give it to, so I’m only giving it to 7:

My little sister Danika - from Crafts by Danika

A lovely Christian girl Mercy - from My Weekly Photos
 A old friend of mine Melissa - from Just a Girl?
A ballet blogging friend of mine Izi - from My pointe of View 
Another ballet blogging girl, Chloey - from Surveil Guide for Dancers 
A sweet Christian friend Sarah - from This is my father’s world

My dear sweet Mother - Back To Ancient Ways

Congratulations everyone! You all truly have lovely blogs!!
If you accept this award, please do the two steps I did:
 1. Write 7 things about yourself and 
2. pass it on to 15 other blogs (or if you don’t have 15 you can do less!)
Have a blessed week everyone 
Happy Greetings!


  1. fascinating learning so much about you ! Lovely post and photos !

  2. Thank you heidi-marie that was so nice of you!

  3. Hi Heidi-Marie,
    Thank you for awarding me, but I am really sorry because my blog is award free :( Thank you for thinking of me :)
    In Christ,


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