19 September 2011

Come And VOTE For The Winner Of My Baking Challenge!!!

Hello all my blog readers!
It’s time to vote for your favorite Puddings and Desserts recipe from my Fortnightly Baking Fun Challenge!!!
As you all know, the winner will receive this:
WOW, I had 8 entries to the challenge!! I think it’s really great. 
Special thanks to:

Who baked beautiful “Lemon Sponge Puddings!!”

Who made a Fabulous “Trifle!” 

Who baked a delicious “Malva Pudding!!”
Who baked mouthwatering “Pineapple Soufflés.”

I also had 3 mothers who joined in! I’m so thrilled to have mothers entering too.  It encourages them to enjoy cooking for there family too!
My Mother!!! Linnie:

Who baked a finger-licking "Rice Pudding!!"
Thank you SO much everyone who joined in and a special thank you to the mothers and everyone who entered for the first time!
Now you eight ladies, do you want to win the prize??? Go and ADVERTISE for people to vote for you!!
Get as many people as you can to vote for you.
To all my blog readers, please will you take a few minutes and vote for one of these eight entries? It will really be appreciated.
 All you have to do, to vote is:
1 Go to the top of my blog,
2 Just under my blog header, on the right, is a voting poll with all the entries.
3 Next to each name is a little white circle
4 Click on the one next to the name of the entry you like best.
5 Then click on the button that says “vote”.
You have voted.
 Good luck everyone. 
Baking Greetings!


  1. Well done to everyone!! I'm so excited...only 21 more sleeps to go - Lots of love, Kelly-Anne

  2. Hi Heide, I could not find the place to vote, so am leaving my message here. I am voting for Nancy's Malva Pudding.

  3. It was hard to decide with all of those yummy sweets, but I voted. :)


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