12 September 2011

A lovely Sunday Morning!

Hi everyone! Today I don’t really want to write a lot, I just want to show you pictures!! Sunday was a beautiful day! It was warm and we were all outside. My mother sowing, my dad pruning trees, CJ and Josua working in the vegetable garden, the little ones playing and me taking LOADS of pictures! We all had so much fun:
Watering the veggie garden...

Playing in the mud...

Livin My Life 4 Jesus Photo contest this week is Anything!! So I’m entering the top photo into her challenge!

Climbing trees...

Isn’t he just adorable!!

Playing cars.....

Playing with water!

I’m entering this top photo into Lisa’s Gordon Photography Challenge the theme is Creative Exchange

Some pictures of our garden:

Our fig tree starting to get leaves and the first fruit...
A yummy, big, red strawberry almost ripe!

Beautiful carrots. Purple ones too!

Some herbs:


I’m also entering this top photo into Melissa’s Monday Moments Photo challenge. The theme is “two of a kind”.

I really hope you liked my pictures!! 
Photo Greetings


  1. Beautiful pictures!


    Have a award for you at my blog>

  2. These are beautiful pictures, Heidi! Love them all and I esspecially like the third one from the bottom - so pretty! Miss you loads! Kelly-Anne

  3. Great pictures! Thanks for linking up :)

  4. Awesome photos! I love the strawberry one! :)
    ~Lily http://bellefluerphotography.blogspot.com/

  5. You are a wonderful photographer Heidi-Mari!
    Truly photographs of a wonderful weekend.
    Those little ones are just adorable!!

    Thank you so much for sharing at The Creative Exchange this week.

    Sending you wishes for a wonderful evening!


  6. Love these pictures! Adorable! :] Thanks for linking up! :]

  7. Hi! It's Sophie from Shutter: (Blessed)
    I wanted to thankyou for your comment :] It's my purity ring :] I followed your blog, Maybe u could follow mine? ( :D
    Sophie from Shutter: (Blessed)

  8. How could you not have such a prolific garden with those adorable little helpers!

  9. Heidi Mari - amazing photos of your garden and the fun you all had.

    Sorry to hear that you are leaving Paperplay Challenges DT - wishing you continued success in your studies and papercrafting. Great to have gotten to know you over our short time on Paperplay together. Every best wish for the future, Deirdre

  10. Great pictures! Looks like you had fun!


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