05 September 2011

Important Announcement About My Baking Challenge!!!!! DON’T MISS IT!!!

Hi Everyone.
Thank you for stopping by. This is a VERY important post!
I decided to stretch this Fortnightly Baking Fun Challenge - Pudding and Desserts with two more weeks. Since I only had 3 entries AND because my mother bought me a prize for this challenge!

The Australian Women’s Weekly Recipe book: 
Delicious Desserts - With 70 Delicious recipes! 
The Australian Women's Weekly Cookbooks are some of the world's most successful cookbooks. You will find them in almost every English-speaking country; they are even translated into French, Spanish, Greek, Dutch, Hebrew and Polish.
These cookbooks are so successful because the food is inspirational and easy; every recipe is photographed and has been triple-tested, guaranteeing enviable reputation for reliability.
This book is amazing! It is old traditional recipes. To give you an idea, the main parts of the book are
Pavlova Shells 
Verrines (desserts in a glass)
Fast Fruit Desserts 

Join in NOW and stand a chance to win this STUNNING recipe book! 
You have two weeks to enter. Click here to enter.
I will ship this book anywhere in the world! So anyone from any part of the world can enter. 
Also this is not just a children challenge, yes it’s a child running it, but please if you’re a mother, a young girl, or an older lady you can ALL enter! 
I specially would like to inspire people without blogs to join in! You just e-mail me your entry! Read more here.
Don’t miss the chance to win this stunning cooking book!
Baking Greetings 

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  1. Wow!! What a great prize!!! Lots of love, Kelly-Anne


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