25 February 2011

Another Blog Award!!!!

Hi everyone! I hope your all well! Guess what..........I received another blog award!! Yea! I’m also very proud to say this is my 100th blog posting!!

Check it out! Isn’t it a pretty award!
I received it form Christine at Scrap Pickul. Thank you so much Christine! I’m honored!
All I have to do to get this award is list 8 things I know about myself and give this award to 8 other blogs!
So here we go:
1 I love ballet
2 It’s one of my biggest dreams to be chosen as one of the main characters in a ballet concert.
3 I love to wear dresses
4 I love a big family and I want to have a big family, when I get married, too.
5 I love crafting 
6 I love Italian foods like pizza and pasta
7 I love new born babies!! (really I’m serious!)
8 And I like to read adventure books and watch adventure movies!

Here are the 8 blogs to which I would like to pass this award on:
It’s always very hard, but here they are!!

Jan has done so much for me by choosing me to be part of a challenge blog!
I love reading her blog and looking at her creations!

Di is a sweet friend of mine that designs the most beautiful digi stamp!
Di also makes beautiful happy bright cards and I just love her blog!
Tracey form Crafty Corner
I love your blog Tracey your cards are so like my style.
You are an inspiration to me!
Sarah is a South African homeschool girl who like to post about baking and making stuff. I enjoy reading your blog a lot! 
I have recently discovered Mandy’s blog.
Her cards are so pretty and I love every one.
Margret form Denique Crafts 
Margret is also a South Africa lady with a heart of gold!
I love reading her blog!
Kelly-Anne form Beautiful Girlhood
Kelly is a dear friend of mine that also lives is South Africa on a farm.
Kelly writes a lot about her farm live and family!
Claudia form Pretty Pressings 
Claudia’s blog I’ve also been reading for a long time.
Her cards are always joyful and make me feel so happy just to look at it!
Please check out there blogs, they’re great!
Have a blessed weekend
Crafty Greetings


  1. I'm so proud of you!
    Mamma xx

  2. Thank you soo much for thinking of me Heidi-Mari :o)

    Have a fantastic weekend.

  3. Thank you Heidi-Mari for the award...very sweet of you..
    Hope you and your family have a lovely weekend..

    PS..Sadly..still no mojo!!!..x

  4. Thank you sooooo much, my friend!

    Miss you lots and lots!



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