30 May 2012

Today’s 1000 Gifts Joy Dare is 3 Gifts Blue!

Well everyone, I’m back to show you my 3 (+) gifts for today! The 1000 Gifts Joy Dare’s Gifts for today it 3 Gifts Blue.
Here is mine:
#81 The Blue Seven Point Five bottles. There’s been a bug in our home!
#82 My mother and I did the Lindt Chocolate Moulding and Fillings course today, the blue boxes we carried the chocolates in! Photos of the course coming soon!

#83 My beautiful blue water bottle that I use all the time. (The bags inside is Coral Calcium)

#84 My blue Apple screen saver!
Have you been looking out for gifts lately?
Have a blessed day 
Thankful Greetings

29 May 2012

Today’s 1000 Gift Joy Dare is A Gift at 8am, 12pm and 8pm.

Hi everyone, today’s 1000 Gifts Joy Dare’s Gifts is:
A Gift At 8am, 12pm and 8pm.
Here’s mine:
#78 A gift at 8am - Blowing my hair.
#79 A gift at 12pm - Buffing my nails while watching The French Open Tennis Tournament. (Hardly every do it!)
#80 A gift at 8pm - Putting a bread in the bread machine.
Have a blessed day 
Thankful Greetings

26 May 2012

Today’s 1000 Gifts Joy Dare is A Gift Worn, White, Whispered.

Hi everyone, today’s 1000 Gifts Joy Dare is A Gift Worn, White, Whispered.
Here’s my gifts:

#75 A Gift Worn - my dad brought me lovely wool slipper the morning!
#76 A Gift White - Had the most beautiful clouds today.
#77 I couldn’t find a gift whispered so I made it an old white gift. This is my hands and feet on clay when I was 5 months old.
Hope you like them
Thankful Greetings 

25 May 2012

Yesterday's 1000 Gifts Joy Dare - Plate, Pot, Package.

Hi everyone, I again didn’t have time to post my 1000 Gifts Joy Dare yesterday, the gifts were, A gift in a Plate, Pot and Package, I just turned it into 3 gifts with a “P”:
#72 Last nights chicken in a Pot.
#73 A treat, cheese in a packet.
#74 A Pretty sunset! I just love this picture!
Hope you like them, till next time 
Thankful Greetings

23 May 2012

Yesterday’s 1000 Gifts Joy Dare.

Hi everyone, I didn’t have time to post my 1000 Gift Yesterday, the gifts were 3 Gifts That Made You Laugh, here’s mine:

#69 Every time Daniel puts this swim cap on and pulls funny faces he makes me laugh!
#70 When Michael wakes up in the morning and his hair stands in every direction, he makes me laugh.
#71 I was having a ballet lesson yesterday afternoon, we where practicing our dance for the concert, when we were done (we did it horrible) my ballet teacher just had this funny look on her face, all we could do was laugh. We always laugh so much in class! Photo via here
Hope you like my gifts
Thankful Greetings 

21 May 2012

Today’s 1000 Gifts Joy Dare Is 3 Gifts In Little People

Today’s 1000 Gift Joy Dare is 3 gift found in Little People! I sure have plenty of that!
Here they are:

#63 Their ability to live in there own world.

#64 The way they love your food!

#65 The way they sleep in your arms.
#66 The way they laugh.
#67 The way they can get dirty in seconds.
#68 The way they love each other.
Hope you like my gifts. Here you can find yesterday’s Gifts
Thankful Greetings

Lindt Chocolate Tart Recipe

Last Saturday, I took my mother and sister (Danika) to the Lindt Chocolate Mother’s Day Course, where we made the most amazing Chocolate Cranberry Tart. 
The next day my mother asked me to make the tart for her and I thought I’d share the recipe with you.
This is how they presented the Chocolate Cranberry Tart.
Recipe for the Sweet Pastry:
The sweet pastry can be made in plain or in chocolate dependent on the application. Very Stable and nice to roll, it ‘s workability is excellent.
Makes: 1025g
Preparation time: 15min
325g Butter
175g icing sugar
100 egg (2 extra large eggs)
500g cake flour 
1g salt
Mix all the ingredients together in a stand mixer until well combined.
It will have a crumbly consistency.  Take out the dough on a smooth, clean surface and mix until everything sticks together. It will be a bit sticky, don’t add more flour.
Allow to cool for at least an hour in the fridge.
You can use this dough as a cookie dough too, it’s so easy to make and it can also be frozen for up to 3 months!
Use a 22-25 cm tart ring or fluted tart pan.
Roll the dough 5cm larger than the ring or pan, ½ cm thick and line the tart pan or ring with it.
Blind bake the tart on 180 degrees C/ 365 degrees F for 15 min with something inside like rice, beans etc. After 15 min. take out the beans and bake for 10-15 min more - don’t bake to dark, since it will go back in the oven for the tart to bake.
For the Chocolate Filling:
Makes 770g 
200g Lindt Excellence Chocolate (if you want to have a cranberry flavor, buy the cranberry chocolate slab (2 slabs make 200g).)
170g Butter 
4 egg yolks 
4 egg whites 
200g sugar.
1 Melt the chocolate and butter, over a double boiler making sure that NO steam or water gets in.
2 In a separate bowl combine the egg yolks with half the sugar and whip to full volume (doubled or tripled in volume).
3 Fold the chocolate mixture into the yolks.
4 Beat the egg whites, adding the remainder of sugar until stiff peaks form.
5 Gently fold the egg whites into the chocolate mixture.
6 Pour the chocolate into the prepared tart crust.
7 Baked between 15 to 20 min. If you put a knife or skewer in, it won’t come out clean.
The tart will sink as it cools; cool before removing from the pan.
Serve hot or cold.
The studio baked this pudding in a rectangular shape pan which looked very nice. 

We didn’t have a rectangular pan, so we made little ones and one in a round pan.
The top cracks when you cut it, it’s crisp on the top and smooth in the middle.
Hope you enjoy it!
Baking Greetings 

20 May 2012

Today’s 1000 Gifts Joy Dare is A Gift Sweet, Sour, Salty!

Hi everyone, today’s 1000 Gift Joy Dare is A Gift Sweet, Sour, Salty!
Here is my gifts:

#59 A Gift Sweet - I made Cranberry Chocolate Tart for pudding today (recipe coming soon!).

#60 A Gift Sour - Forest Berry Tea to drink on a cold day like today.
#61 A Gift Salty - Homemade pizza for dinner last night and leftovers for breakfast.
#62 Another Gift Salty - Our first delicious hot soup for the winter.
 Have a blessed week everyone!

Here you can find yesterday’s Gifts
Thankful Greetings

19 May 2012

1000 Gift Joy Dare Yesterday and Today’s Gifts

Hi everyone, I didn’t have time to post my 1000 Gift Yesterday so here is yesterday and today’s.
Yesterday’s gifts was 3 Gift Unexpected:

#49 Unexpectedly CJ shared his last piece of fudge he got from friends with us.
#50 My dad gave me his old office chair.

#51 Unexpectedly Danika asked if she could put her hair in curls last night for a party she had this morning. I’m so thankful for a little sister who’s hair I can help curl.

#52 I unexpectedly started Pinterest yesterday.
Today’s gifts is 3 Gifts From Your Childhood. I’m still sort of in my childhood so I say 3 (+) Gifts In My Live.
#53 The best gift ever, is to have a big family with lots of sibling of all ages to live with each day.
#54 The gift my father gave me by giving me braces to fix my smile.
#55 Thankful that my mother learned me to bake.
#56 To do paper crafts.
#57 To be able to ballet.
#58 To be able to play tennis. Photo via here.
Have a blessed weekend 
Thankful Greetings

18 May 2012

Stampin For The Weekend Sketch Card

Hi everyone, well it’s Friday and time for a new challenge over at Stampin For The Weekend, but first, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who entered in the last fortnight’s Stampin for the Weekend blog hop. Check out the main blog and see if maybe you won!
Now for this fortnight’s challenge and the theme is a sketch:
Here is the sketch, I hope you like it. 

Our sponsor for this challenge is In2Stamps who is offering the winner a prize.
Now here is my card:

I really enjoyed making this card, it’s such soft pinks, I just love it!
I used a beautiful Lilly Of The Valley stamp and coloured it with the following Copics:
E35, E33 and E53 - For the little bear.
V06, V04 and V01 - For the purple flowers and paper around the flowers.
RV19, RV34 and RV32 - For the dark pink flowers.
RV34, RV32 and RV0 - For the light pink flowers.
B02 and B000 - For the blue flowers.
G14 and G12 - For the green grass.
Y15, Y11 and Y00 - For the yellow envelope and tag.
W3 - For a shadow around the stamp.
I made a little tag sticking out from under the front papers with a piece of ribbon on and I think it fits well.
I also put some flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts in the top left corner.
Some pink gems worked stunning for a finishing touch.
 I just made a little scollop out of one of the papers and stuck it on the inside of the card.
Please hop over to Stampin For The Weekend and see if you can take part.
I would also like to take part in the following challenges with this card:
Crafty Ribbons -  Flowers
Delightful Challenges -  Add ribbon
Forever Friends -  Spring
Little Miss Muffet Challenges - ) Anything goes
Shelly's Images -Anything goes
Just Keep on Creating -  anything goes
Sisterhood of Crafters  - May flowers
Whimsy Inspiration -  anything goes
 LEJ Designs - Lots of Layers

Have a blessed weekend 
Crafty Greetings.

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