10 November 2012

Our Children: The Way We Build the Nation.

I found this article in the new Above Rubies #85 magazine and just had to post it. THIS is why I love living in a big family and why want a big family myself when I grow up! Totally love this:

Our Children: The Way We Build the Nation.

Children are wonderful.
They are beautiful.
They know how to get your attention.
We adore their chubby cheeks.
Their cute ways.
Their big innocent eyes.
Their little pitter patter of feet.
Their unending questions at they seek answers.
They are our flesh and blood.
They hold our DNA.
They are our future.
They are our heritage.
They are our true riches (money and possessions cannot compare).
They are gifted, talented, and creative.
They are tomorrow’s leaders.
They are tomorrow's provision for our family and nation.
They are tomorrow’s security.
They draw love and many other virtues from us.
They make us a charactered people as we build character in them.
We must take responsibility for them so they will in turn take responsibility for us.
Without children there would be no family.
No Home, Sweet Home.
No Family vacations.
No birthday parties.
No romances. 
No Weddings.
No future work force.
No future soldiers to fight evil.
No future fathers and mothers to raise children.
No babies.
No families.
No nation.
It is foolish to raise cats, dogs, and goldfish to satisfy our paternal and maternal instincts. 
Animals and things are no substitute for children.
By refusing children we accept the destruction of our nation.
Parenting children in NATION BUILDING.
Our western nations have become increasingly sterile, selfish, spoiled, and boring.
We have sacrificed our families and nations on the altars of selfishness, careerism, and materialism.
With smaller and smaller families we have become lonely, deprived, unfulfilled, and without character.
We have little, if any family to come home to.
No laughter, no singing, no natural family to entertain us.
We have no one to care for. We have given what little we have to daycare.
No one to love.
In turn, we have no one to love us.
We have been deceived.
We have created our own holocaust.
We have destroyed ourselves through contraception, sterilization, and abortion.
Pro-choice is the choice of destruction.
We are swiftly breaking the generational chain.
The dynasties are quickly ending.
Hell claps its hands.
Heaven weeps.
What have we left to live for?
By the grace of God, every Christian husband and wife should aim to build a dynasty for God.
The world, heaven, and all creation waits to see what can come out of your home.
Every home should be a little church-the father/pastor, the mother/assistant pastor, and the children the congregation.
Give your children your very best effort.
Your home is you sculpturing studio.
But, you are not sculpturing clay, stone, or paper mache.
You are sculpturing flesh and blood.
As your children are molded in the ways of God, by the enabling of the Holy Spirit, you are sculpturing nothing less then the glorious likeness and image of Go.
Could anything be greater? I think not.
The whole world is waiting. Heaven is waiting.
All creation waits for the manifestation of the “sons of God.”
It is the desperate need of the nations.
What are you waiting for?
It is high time to stand up and take your place in the greatest building project of all time - THE FAMILY.

By Colin Campbell 
Above Rubies # 85.

04 November 2012

A Weekend Away

Hi everyone, I know I haven’t been posting a lot lately. We had a very busy two months. But it is finally slowing down and I have some time to post about it. 
In October, we went away for a weekend to our favorite holiday place, Brenton-On-Sea, near Knysna. 
We had a wonderful time just enjoying each others company.
Brenton-On-Sea is such a beautiful place

With beautiful sunsets

Bright sunny days

Crystal clear water

Beautiful clean beach

Little birds tweeting around

Little toes curling in the sand

And such a sweet cozy cottage.

We always love playing on the beach and swimming in the sea:

Little ones “fishing”!

Call us crazy, but yes, CJ and I packed our tennis gear and played tennis on the sand! It was quite a challenge as the ball doesn’t bounce in the sand, but we had so much fun!

CJ, Josua and Danika built a water proof castle, 

Daniel could sit in the middle and when the water came - he was safe!

Little Michael fell in the water and was a little shocked, so he curled up against me and we bathed in the sun.It was so relaxing to have him close to me.

When we drove back from Knysna, one evening my mother took this beautiful picture of the Knysna lake.

We also had some friends over for a day:

Little ones eating at a table.

Some of us older children.

For desert we all fried marshmallows over the open fire and then dipped it in chocolate flakes. 

“Never knew frying a marshmallow is such hard work!” Little Michael.

“But it sure is good!”

All the Photo credit goes to my mother!

We had such a great time and can’t wait to be back!
Have a blessed week everyone.

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