22 May 2011

My Second Versatile Blog award and sixth Award!!!

Hi everyone! I can’t believe it! I got my sixth blog award! Though I have received it before, I’m glad to post it again and be able to give it to someone else too! 
This time I received it from my dear friend Sarah!
Thank you so much Sarah, I really appreciate it! 
So for this award I have to say 7 things about myself and pass the award on.
Here are the 7 thing about myself (this is a bit hard, because I have already wrote so many things about myself!):
1 I’m a bible believing Christian! 
 2 I love card making!
3 I’m eagerly praying for my mother to have another baby and this time a twin, boy and girl!
4 One of my favourite meals is pizza! Especially home made!
5 One of my favorite puddings is “Cream Brulee”
6 I love it when my mother run errands and I have to make a meal all by myself (including a pudding) and when my mother comes home, to have everything done and ready! 
7 I love to dress like a real lady.
 Okay and now, I have to pass this award on to a few other blogs! 
That will be:

Kate - Form Kate’s Makes

Margaret - From Denique Crafts 
Tanja - From Stampin' Piper 
Tracey - Form Crafty Corner 
If the ladies I’ve tagged want this award please do the two to steps I did! 
Have a blessed week everyone! 
Crafty Greetings 


  1. How lovely to learn a bit about you Heidi & thank you for thinking of me :o)
    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  2. Wow Heidi, how sweet of you, and thank you, I accept it! Now to find some people to pass it on to.

  3. Congrats my friend...I must do my blog award post, too - I got in twice in a row. Miss you so much! Have a great day, love Kelly-Anne


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