02 May 2011

Please Help The 3 Families In Need, After The Recent Tornadoes!!

Hello everyone, I hope your’e doing well! I would like you all to please read this post. It’s about three families in Alabama in America, that is devastated by the recent tornadoes which blew through the South Wednesday night. These are exemplary, faithful, Christian families who now even in their loss are responding with faith and confidence in the Lord. They need help. Currently, there are more than a hundred people physically assisting them on the ground. Now they need the funds to begin the process of rebuilding. In some cases, with only the clothes on their backs, they will be starting over and need cash for shoes, food, temporary housing, immediate medical bills and basic needs.

The Crawford Family of nine children’s (youngest is 3 weeks old) house is flat to the ground. Their home was completely destroyed, as well as all their earthly possessions, their vehicles and all of Aaron's construction tools which is his source of livelihood.

The Lee Family of 13 children had an even bigger loss, when the father, Tom Lee died heroically protecting his family as their home collapsed around them. In God's Mercy his wife and thirteen children survived after many hours of being trapped under rubble. Daughters Tiffany and Emily are in the hospital and suffered potentially severe nerve damage. Their insurance does not cover these medical bills, their father is dead, and their home and possessions are gone.

Gary and Jane Boyd and their nine children survived without injury but their home was severely damaged by trees falling on it. Their home was the rendezvous point for the Lee and Crawford families in the hours following the tornado since it was the only one left standing.
These are families that desperately need your prayers, continuing support and donations.
Since I was little I always keep a 10th of my pocket money aside as “Jesus Money” and then the Lord will show me or my parents to whom we should give this money to - someone in need. For about a year now the Lord hasn’t showed me and it kept accumulating, but I didn’t just give it to any one. When I saw what happened to these three families I knew why the Lord didn’t show anyone for about a year. I had to save it for these families!! 
So I have R300 / $46.5 and I’m giving all of it to these three families! 
Will you please prayerfully consider financial help to these families too.
Peter Bradrick has set up a website called Help Hurting Families in Alabama who took the time to create these videos and are also accepting donations for these families above. You may visit their site to give a helping hand to these families.
Have a Blessed week! 


  1. Hi there,
    Can i copy and paste this on my blog for some more help, please.

  2. Sure I don't mind at all! Thank you!

  3. Hello Heidi-Mari,

    Thanks for letting me know about this!
    I'll get my prayer team to pray.
    God bless you.
    In Christ,


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