08 May 2011

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Hello everyone, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!
I hope you all spoiled your mothers today! 
We gave my mother a lot of presents this year:
We gave my mother a new pair of slippers, since her feet is always cold in the winter!

It was very hard to wrap. But I think it turned out pretty good! 
I wrapped silver ribbon around and added a flower in the middle.
I made a gift box for my mother too. Here are some pictures of it.

For the front, I used a new Whiff of Joy stamp called: Baking Tray of Love and colored her with the following copics:
E37, E35 and E33 - for her hair and the heart cookies 
E00, E21 and R20 - for the skin 
Y15, Y11 and Y00 - for the top part of her dress 
RV34, RV13 and RV10 - for the bottom part of her dress
E33 and E53 - for the baking tray 
W3 - for a shadow around the stamp
Then I stuck some heart gems with flowers in the middle and one at the bottom of the hearts. I also glued a few pearls for a final touch.
For the second side, I cut a doily in quarters and put them in the two corners.
The I arranged one big flower and three little flowers at the bottom part of the big flower, and three heart pins coming out at the top. I also used some pearls on the corners.
On the third side, I used another new stamp from Whiff of Joy called: Dare to Dream. I colored her with the following Copics:
E37, E35 and E33 - for her hair 
E00, E21 and R20 - for her skin 
RV34, RV13 and RV10 - for the top and bottom part of her dress 
Y15, Y11 and Y00 - for the middle part of her dress, some dots on the bottom of her dress and the flowers in her hand
G14 and G12 - for the leaves of the flowers
W3 - for the shadow around the stamp
For some more decoration, I made holes in the paper, two by two and then tied knots with three different colored ribbons.
And then for the forth side, I glued a pice of ribbon and lace at the bottom and a big flower with a few little flowers in the top left corner. 
I also made a swirl of small pink and yellow pearls come out of the flower.
To put inside the box I made packets of Lavender and Epsom salt, to put in her bath. You can read more about the Lavender and Epsom salt packets here.
My little sister Danika also made my mother a gift box:

I think it is excellent for a 7 year old! She did most of it by herself! 
We also gave my mother a new Willow Tree Doll. The one we gave her’s name was Close to me! One of a mother and daughter and I just love it! 
We also gave my mother a set of new cake forks and spoons, since her’s was really old!

Here is a family picture we took today. From left to right: 
David 4 years, Me 13, Andrew 5, Daniel 2, Josua 10, Michael 16 months, my dear mother, CJ 16, Danika 7 and my dad.
And one of my mother and a her children! It’s very hard to let everyone smile at the same time!
I also have a list of 12 things I love about my mother. Since my mother have 12 children. (4 waiting in heaven)
So here it is:
1 I love it that my mother don’t leave us at schools and play groups and go to work. As a “full time job”. My mother is a full time MOTHER at home!
2 I love it that my mother homeschool us!
3 I love that my mother wants all the children God wants her to have, by not using the pill or abortion.
4 I love that my mother cooks a big meal every night from scratch!
5 I love it that my mother spend lots of time with us.
6 I love it that my mother makes us clothes.
7 I love it that my mother drives us around to our activities - taking my older brother CJ to the horse farm 3 days a week and me and Danika twice a week to ballet. My mother only have Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays to not have to drive us around! 
8 I love it that my mother NEVER complains about things like driving us around, “not sleeping at night” because of babies. I know some of my mother's friends that do complain constantly because they don’t sleep! 
9 I love it that my mother is NEVER moody! 
10 I love it that my mother is hardly ever sick! And when she is it is SO hard to keep her in bed! “BUT I have to go and do this or that!!”
11 I love it that when we are sick my mother takes good care of us!
12 I love it that my mother (and father) teach us so much of God and what He want us to do! Even with the little ones! 
I love my mother!!!
Now I’m challenging you to write down 7 or more points of what you love about your mother! Even if it’s not Mothers Day any more! I give you about a week or two, and if you have a blog, link it back to this posting and leave a comment so we can have a look! 
Lets see how many of you love and appreciate your mothers!
Have a blessed week!


  1. Heidi-Mari.... Got to say 'WOW' to your sisters gift box, it's amazing... you are obviously teaching her to your high standards and i'm sure your mother loved all her gifts too.

    Joanne x

  2. Hello my dearset friend...it just so happens that I wrote a post about my mom the other day but only got to post it today! Here are six things I LOVE about my mother...


    Your gifts are gorgeous and Danika's gift box is so sweet...send her a 'well done' from me, please...I miss you lots and lots!!

    Love and hugs,
    x xx x

  3. Very sweet presents, and post about your mom. She is really a great lady - I have a lot of respect for her!

    Just a quick question, where did you get the Willow Tree figure? I have been wanting some for ages, but can't seem to find them anywhere.

    Thanks :) Keep up the great card-making!

  4. Hi Lizanne!
    Yes, my mother is a great lady and Mother! I love her! I live in Cape Town South Africa and here in Durbanville is a shop called 33 on Oxford, if you live in CT it's opposite the Post Office in Durbanville
    Hope this helps!


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