02 March 2015

My Mother’s Birthday

On the 22nd of February was my mother’s birthday.  
My mother was very excited that her birthday was on a Sunday, so all of us would be home and not at work or wherever! 

We made my mother a special breakfast of Blueberry and Vanilla yogurt with granola and fresh organic fruit. We all love this breakfast, but only have it on birthdays! 

My parents specially saved up for weeks for all of us to go have lunch together - this is not something that happens often!

We went to the beautiful Round The House restaurant near Camps Bay. 

It was the most beautiful clear blue sky wind still day! Some of us around the table - little ones went playing on the big green lawns! 

My mother with currently our youngest family member, Michael.

My amazing parents! 

Josua, Danika and some yummy food! 

CJ and I 

We had a lovely day, the little boys played so much and was so dirty at the end. We adults had such a great time chatting around the table in the beautiful outdoors.

My mother had such a special birthday. She is such an amazing mom, friend and colleague, and I love to spend time with her. She cares so much about everyone of us!
Happy Birthday Mommy!!

23 February 2015

Michael’s 5th Birthday

On the 29th of January was Michael’s 5th birthday! Our little baby brother is already 5 years old. I can’t believe it!

In the Lues house, if your under the age of 8, you get to pick a theme for your birthday cake. 

A couple of weeks ago the older family members (That is my parents, and the 4 older children) started watching the Star Wars Trilogy. We put the little ones in bed  and then watch a ‘big people’ movie.  

Danika then started telling the little boys all about the cool starships and robots. They also saw them in the Lego catalog. So much that Michael asked if he could please have an R2D2 (One of the little robots) birthday cake! 

CJ and I volunteered to make the cake this time. It is definitely more colourful than the original! 

CJ was the one adding all the sweets (different buttons and lights), while I decorated with the little roses. 

Michael loves the beach, so we decided to take him to the beautiful Camps Bay Beach for his birthday party. It was a wonderful wind still sunny day with friends at the crystal clear sea. 

Under the shade we blew the candles. The little boys enjoyed eating cake and playing on the beach so much!

 I hope you enjoyed this post, I’ll be back soon!

18 February 2015

Tour To America and Special Times with My Mother Part #3

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well! I’ve written part #3 of our America tour! Click here for Part #1 and Part #2.
So after we spend two weeks in Madison Wisconsin, my mom and I flew out to Nashville, Tennessee to spend a week with Mr. and Mrs. Campbell from Above Rubies. 

In what a beautiful place, in the woods where they live! 

Rashida Johnson had her 18th Birthday- and Graduation party the Sunday evening. The theme was The Fifties.

Setting up the party tables, from left to right - Madison Lilly (A.R. helper), me, Meadow Barrett  (Pearl Barrett’s daughter) and Callie Back (Former A.R. helper now working for Trim Healthy Mama) 

Pretty Girls - Tiveria Johnson and Autumn Barrett  

Newspaper boys - Arden Allison and Crusoe Johnson. 

Callie Beck and Abbie Segovia (A.R. Helper) 

Mrs. Campbell, my mom and I. 

Callie and me! 

Real fifties look - Rocky Barrett. 

There were so many little people - I really started missing my siblings. 

Pearl Barrett, Evangeline Johnson and Serene Allison.

Pearl and Meadow Barrett. 

Serene and Sam Allison, and Pearl and Charlie Barrett.  

Rashida’s birthday cake! 

Mom gave Madison a hand in the Above Rubies office! 

The Family Meal Table!!

I spend every single afternoon/evening with the Campbell grandchildren.
I went to karate with the Johnson Family. I went to a Way of the Master bible study.

One morning Mr. Campbell took my mother and I to downtown Dixon where we had lots of fun walking through the streets and the beautiful shops.

It was absolutely beautiful and the shops were so pretty!

 The boys wanted me to show them the bow I shoot, so everyone had a turn.

Even Mrs. Campbell had a turn!

On the last night the girls took me on a Good-Bye dinner.  We had lots of fun, we also stopped at Walmart on the way back and then took some pictures - Yes I was very tired so I don't look on my best here!

On the Friday Morning we headed back to the airport - back home.
After a 24 hour flight we arrived home at 11pm. We really missed our family and they brought us flowers and chocolates!

When I got home that evening my parents arranged for a friend to bake me a archery cake as a late birthday cake! 
I love traveling and can’t wait to go on my next trip!

Hope you enjoyed my Tour posts!

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