23 February 2015

Michael’s 5th Birthday

On the 29th of January was Michael’s 5th birthday! Our little baby brother is already 5 years old. I can’t believe it!

In the Lues house, if your under the age of 8, you get to pick a theme for your birthday cake. 

A couple of weeks ago the older family members (That is my parents, and the 4 older children) started watching the Star Wars Trilogy. We put the little ones in bed  and then watch a ‘big people’ movie.  

Danika then started telling the little boys all about the cool starships and robots. They also saw them in the Lego catalog. So much that Michael asked if he could please have an R2D2 (One of the little robots) birthday cake! 

CJ and I volunteered to make the cake this time. It is definitely more colourful than the original! 

CJ was the one adding all the sweets (different buttons and lights), while I decorated with the little roses. 

Michael loves the beach, so we decided to take him to the beautiful Camps Bay Beach for his birthday party. It was a wonderful wind still sunny day with friends at the crystal clear sea. 

Under the shade we blew the candles. The little boys enjoyed eating cake and playing on the beach so much!

 I hope you enjoyed this post, I’ll be back soon!


  1. Dearest friend! Wow! You and CJ did a marvellous job of creating this rather challenging and interesting themed cake! Well done - I am sure dear little Michael loved it...:). It certainly is very bright and perfect for a sweet fellow like him:).
    Thank you for sharing these sweet photographs of the day...
    Big hugs to you and lots of love!
    Oh, and there is a letter on its way to you as well!

  2. Thank you my friend!! He loved it! Oh a letter I can't wait now, Hope it gets here soon!!
    Lots of Love


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