27 January 2012

A Bright Smile!!

Yesterday afternoon, my mother took me out for lunch. Just the two of us. It was such a special time at such a special new Coffee Shop in Durbanville.

We had the most beautiful and delicious Cappuccino. 

And a breakfast quiche. It was wonderful to have such a special time with my mother, and I’m so thankful to have a mother like her.
After that, my dad and I had to go to the dentist for a follow-up on our braces :-( (We both have)
I really didn’t look forward to it, but when we got there the most exiting thing happened: 
They took my braces off!!!
After having them for 2 years and 10 months. 
I was really, really glad to have them off finally! I’m so happy and decided to share a before and after with you.
Before - Some of these teeth where still baby-teeth. 
In the long and painful process.....
Dr. Brian Faure and me. Dr. Brian was the first Dentist in South Africa who used the unique Damon brace treatment and he did my braces from the start. For two of the almost three years, we had to fly to his rooms in Pietermaritzburg, every three to six months, for my treatments.
The past year Dr. Bryan moved to Cape Town and Dr Aubrey Everson assisted him in doing a great job with my mouth.
I can’t belief it’s off, it feels like a dream and that I will wake up tomorrow morning with them back. Lol!
Thank you Daddy for all the sacrifices you did to give me this Lifetime Gift!! 
Thank you to Uncle Garth from Sevenpointfive who introduced my parents to the Dr. Faure’s method and insisted that they consider treatment - years ago!
Thank you Lord Jesus, for giving me the ability to endure the braces and being in ultimate control of the development of my mouth!

I hope you like it too!
Have a blessed weekend everyone 


  1. Congratulations my friend! You look LOVELY! Well done on enduring braces for such a long time! Lots of love, Kelly-Anne xxx

  2. Congrats, Heidi! You look so pretty! Both of my older sisters had braces and now they have retainers. My turn is coming up...
    Kathryn :-)

  3. Oh yaaaaayyyy! Nothing like having them off! You are a lovely girl, Heidi! And that lunch looks fabulous.

  4. Wow! You look AMAZING! I liek your hair when its like that also!

  5. Hello Heidi, you look great! You must feel very happy to have those braces off. God bless you.

  6. You look so beautiful!
    And I'm very happy for you!


  7. Awesome! :) You look great...

    I love spending time with my mom...glad you had a good time.


  8. You look lovely!!
    Glad you had a good time with your mom!!

  9. You deserve that bright smile, my dear! It's good that your Uncle Garth introduced your parents to Dr. Faure. That is, indeed, a life-changing dental procedure that made you a better person. Congrats! :)

  10. You looked great with those braces. You had a bright smile then, but I think your smile became even more fantastic after the braces had been removed. Your teeth definitely look beautiful now! Good for you, Heidi! ;)


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