11 January 2012

Summer Holidays At The Lues Family 2011

Hello everyone, today I would like to show you some of the things we did for Christmas 2011!
We hardly ever go away at Christmas, we just have family and sometimes friends over.
On Christmas eve, my grandparents came for a barbecue to our house and it was lots of fun.
Home-made Christmas crackers!
Michael pulling his cracker with my mother.
Wow mommy.......my chocolate, really?!

David and my mother pulling

After everyone had chocolate, we had delicious cocktails Danika and my Mother made.
We had a lovely barbecue and chatted till late.

An amazing fruit cake my mother backed for Christmas morning, with the Nativity scene.

Christmas breakfast table, which you can read more about here.

A lovely Mango, carrot and pineapple smoothie. (We NEVER have smoothies so it was a real treat)
We had a lovely time opening gifts. 
We (my mother and I) made my dad a beautiful Scrapbook page to hang in his office (I don’t have a photo of it, sorry)

I made my mother a calendar (Will post it on my blog soon!), and my mother also got a beautiful glass tea pot.
I got a Lindt Chocolate apron and a few other lovely goodies.
Michael in his own play-world.
We had a lovely week between Christmas and new year, just relaxing!
On new year we had a great meal, we had “Chinese Stir fry”

The table and more crackers

All the yummy sauces!

My new apron!

Part of “Chinese Stir fry” is to eat your food with sticks! We only had 2 pairs left (the little boys love playing with them outside and not bring them back in, lol!), so CJ and I ate with them!
During the week we had lots of fun and delicious foods.
One evening, we had home made hamburgers (this is my hamburger).
A Lindt Chocolate pudding with Chocolate ice cream and White Lindt Chocolate sauces!

The little ones watering mommy’s garden, and playing in the kitchen while we made lunch.

Playing in the swimming pool.
We also went Ice Skating!! Something we did like 6 years ago and never again! It’s a real challenge, VERY slippery, it looks so easy when you see other people do it, but try it yourself! I struggled to get the hang of it.

CJ did very well. 
Josua also did okay, Andrew sat on the seal and rowed himself!
So did Danika.
And I........went all around in a circle, holding on to the side of the rink, lol!
We where all wet in the end, but it was lots of fun!
This past weekend we also packed Above Rubies magazines in trade for going to the ice ring!

Josua, myself (my eyes are not closed, I’m just looking down) and CJ. 
700 envelopes that needs to be posted all over South Africa!
“I’m gonna get posted too! See I’m wearing white to match the envelopes!”
I hope you all had a lovely holiday season too!

 Have a blessed new year!!!


  1. Dit lyk heerlik!!
    xxx Nine

  2. I'm so glad you had a great holdiday with your family, my friend! Miss you so much:) Lots and lots of love, Kelly-Anne

  3. Wonderful family times, Heidi-Mari Very special!! love, Karyn


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