14 January 2012

I Serve An AWESOME God!!!!!!!!!

I serve an Awesome God! A God that can do ANYTHING........a God for whom NOTHING is impossible.......a God that cares, loves and knows your heart. He knows you better than you know yourself,  He knows what happened to you everyday of your life, He knows what will happen to you everyday of your remaining time on Earth. He is there when you need Him, all you have to do is ask. 
As some of you know, my mother fell pregnant January 2011. It was number nine and we where all SO happy. But then on the 11th of March when my mother was 12 weeks pregnant, we discovered the baby’s little heart stopped beating. It was SO painful for all of us! My mother lost one baby before CJ (my 17 year old big brother) and two babies before me, then after six children, she had this little one. Since I wasn’t even born before the previous miscarriage, I didn’t know what it was like to loose an unborn sibling. I was SO sad and prayed day and night for the Lord to give us another sibling before the 1st of October (that was the baby’s due date)
After many nights of crying myself to sleep (and waking up with sore eyes the next morning!) and a few talks (and cries) with my mother, life went on. My mother helped me lots! She told me God knew what He’s doing, He knows me and that it’s a stretching of my faith.
 She told me how other people may have been affected by it. (Appreciating their babies more, for example)
I made peace with God that He knew what He was doing. 
Still I kept thinking why everyone was having babies now! Many of my mother’s friends and some of my blog friends just had or was about to have babies.
One Wednesday morning in December (I think is was around the 7th) as I was taking to my parents coffee in bed, (CJ, who usually makes the coffee was on another movie shoot.) my mother had at smile on her face, but not just any smile, her eyes where extra sparkling as she sat up in bed. I asked her something about the little ones who slept  with them that night, but the smile only grew bigger and bigger. I looked at her and finally asked the question:
“Are you pregnant?”
She looked at me and.........nodded!!!! My mother said YES!! She is pregnant!!!!!!!! We are expecting another baby!! I cried-laughed giving her a huge hug. We are expecting another sibling in August 2012!!!!
THE LORD HAS ANSWERED OUR PRAYER! The Lord answered my prayer.

Never give up, never give in, never say it’s to big for God, never say God doesn’t understand! He DOES! But He knows whats best for you.
Stay strong in the tough times, don’t give in, don’t fall. Remember what He has done for you in the past, remember the promise He gave you for the future...have faith.
It may seem like God don’t know, but just have faith and wait on Him. I have been through it!
Thank you everyone who prayed for us during this time. Please will you continue praying for this tiny little baby to grow strong, be born on the right time, the right way and for his/her calling in live.
Have a blessed day 
Heidi-Mari soon to be a sister of 8 siblings!!


  1. Yes, Heidi, this is truly wonderful news and God is truly mighty.

  2. I am very glad to hear that, I'll pray that God will protect the baby all the way. :)
    Lots of love

  3. What a special testimony, Heidi-Mari. So wonderful! Praying for you all in this season (and your Mom in this heat!!) much love from Karyn

  4. Hi Heidi

    Ja, ons dien n wonderlike God!!!!
    SOOO bly vir jou!! Sal bid dat God die babatjie dwarsdeur alles in sy hand sal hou!
    XXX Nine


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