16 December 2009

Making Christmas Crackers

We always make crackers for Christmas.
So here is our way of making Christmas crackers:

You need:
Gift wrapping paper, two colors of your choice;
Pinking shears;
Double-sided adhesive tape;
Two inner tubes from rolls of toilet tissue per cracker;
Cracker snaps;
Narrow ribbon to match paper;
A gift to put inside, we used Lindt chocolate balls;
Punchers of your choice.

1. Cut a rectangle 15 cm x 35 cm out of one of your gift wrapping papers.

2. Use pinking shears to trim both ends of the rectangle.

3. Mark both ends 10 cm into the rectangle, where the cracker will be tied between the tubes.

4. Fold on the 10 cm mark.

5. In order to weaken the paper between the tubes (to make pulling easier), we punched flowers on the fold.

6. This is what you aim for.

7. Cut another rectangle 7.5 cm x 15 cm in a different color.

8. Trim both sides of the rectangle with the pinking shears.

9. Fold the rectangle in half and punch stars, hearts or any other shape for decoration.

10. like this.

11. Stick the smaller rectangle in the centre of the big rectangle, for decoration (I used double sided adhesive tape for this).

12. Cut the one toilet roll in half.

13. Stick the three toilet roles with double-sided adhesive tape on the inside of the big rectangle. Place the big toilet roll in the middle.

14. Stick double-sided adhesive tape at the bottom of the big rectangle and wrap the rectangle around the tubes. Use the double-sided adhesive tape to stick the paper firmly in place.

15. Slip the cracker snap inside the tubes.

16. Tie a ribbon on the one side of the cracker, between the centre and side tube.

17. Place a gift or wrapped candy in the cracker at the open side. We used a Lindt chocolate ball.

18. Tie the other end.

19. Curl the ribbons with a scissor.

20. It will look like this

21. And there you go!!

If you have any more questions please feel free to comment and ask me!

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