30 May 2012

Today’s 1000 Gifts Joy Dare is 3 Gifts Blue!

Well everyone, I’m back to show you my 3 (+) gifts for today! The 1000 Gifts Joy Dare’s Gifts for today it 3 Gifts Blue.
Here is mine:
#81 The Blue Seven Point Five bottles. There’s been a bug in our home!
#82 My mother and I did the Lindt Chocolate Moulding and Fillings course today, the blue boxes we carried the chocolates in! Photos of the course coming soon!

#83 My beautiful blue water bottle that I use all the time. (The bags inside is Coral Calcium)

#84 My blue Apple screen saver!
Have you been looking out for gifts lately?
Have a blessed day 
Thankful Greetings


  1. Love the blue water bottle and screen saver! I noticed the Apple logo(on the bottle), are you a fan?

    from laughterandlipgloss.blogspot.com

    1. I sure am!
      Thanks for commenting!


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