17 May 2012

Today’s 1000 Gift Joy Dare - A Gift in a Box, A Bag, A Book.

Hi everyone, today’s 1000 Gift Joy Dare is A Gift in A Box, A Bag, A Book.
Here is my gifts:

#44 A Gift in A Box - gifts falling out of my jewelry box.
#45 A Gift in A Bag - my crafting bag filled with paper craft tools, embellishments, paper etc. 
#46 Another Gift in a Bag - a warm water bag!
#47 A Gift in A Book - it’s not really in a book, it’s 2 new books my mother gave me to read. Can’t wait to get started!

#48 Another Gift starting with a B - gift in a bowl. We made a milk tart.
Hope you like my gift 
Have a great day 
Thankful Greetings

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