19 May 2012

1000 Gift Joy Dare Yesterday and Today’s Gifts

Hi everyone, I didn’t have time to post my 1000 Gift Yesterday so here is yesterday and today’s.
Yesterday’s gifts was 3 Gift Unexpected:

#49 Unexpectedly CJ shared his last piece of fudge he got from friends with us.
#50 My dad gave me his old office chair.

#51 Unexpectedly Danika asked if she could put her hair in curls last night for a party she had this morning. I’m so thankful for a little sister who’s hair I can help curl.

#52 I unexpectedly started Pinterest yesterday.
Today’s gifts is 3 Gifts From Your Childhood. I’m still sort of in my childhood so I say 3 (+) Gifts In My Live.
#53 The best gift ever, is to have a big family with lots of sibling of all ages to live with each day.
#54 The gift my father gave me by giving me braces to fix my smile.
#55 Thankful that my mother learned me to bake.
#56 To do paper crafts.
#57 To be able to ballet.
#58 To be able to play tennis. Photo via here.
Have a blessed weekend 
Thankful Greetings

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  1. You found Pinterest!! Isn't it amazing?? I enjoy reading these posts, my friend! Miss you, Kelly-Anne



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