04 May 2012

1000 Gifts Joy Dare - Today’s Gifts - Gifts Before 9:00 AM

Today’s 1000 Gift Joy Dare is Gifts Before 9:00 AM. 
Here is my 3 (+) gifts for today:
#6 A warm bed to wake up in.
#7 A hot shower to heat up a cold morning.
#8 A little sister’s hair that I can wash and brush.
#9 A moisturizing gel to apply to my dry skin.
#10 Little brothers to dress.
#11 A delicious warm omelet for breakfast by my mother!
Hope you like it!
Here is the list for all May’s Gifts:
Thankful Greetings!


  1. This is a really sweet idea! I really like it! :) :)

  2. It is lovely that you're doing this, my friend! Your card is also sweet - I hope to take part in SFTW this time:)

    Lots of love,


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