04 June 2012

Moldings And Fillings Chocolate Course.

On Wednesday my mother and I did the Mouldings and Fillings Lindt Chocolate Course and I would like to show you some of the photos!
Me polishing the molds.
Me, spraying the mould with a paint brush, under Scott’s supervision.

The decorated moulds.

Filling the moulds with chocolate.

Chocolate Rain!
An extra creamy ganache made from chocolate, condensed milk and Amarula liqueur used as a filling, YUM!

Me Piping.

This one looks like it has a heart on!
They boxed all the chocolates we made during the class, so my mother and I had lots of chocolates to take home!
My mother took this picture of me and I just love it!
We had such a great time, if you like being creative in the kitchen, I highly recommend you do one of the Lindt Chocolate courses, it’s SO much fun!
Thank you so much to the Cape Town Lindt Chocolate Team for making it such a great experience!
And thank you so much mom, for doing this with me!
Chocolate Greetings


  1. I have awarded you over at my blog. :)

  2. That looks like so much FUN!!!!!! And yummy too!


  3. Ooooh...lovely:) Looks like you and your mom had a blessed time together!

    Lots of love,


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