30 September 2011

Kelly’s Sensational Sewing Challenge!

Hi everyone, today I would like to show you a felt crown I made for Kelly’s Sensational Sewing Challenge. The theme is Accessories!

So I decided to make a crown.
I found the patten here and here is how I made it:

1 Cut out the pattens and stick them together. (it comes in three pieces)
2 Pin the patten to Buckram, trace off and cut out.
3 Pin and trace on dark and light pink felt, cut out. (don’t cut out the dark pink felt’s diamonds)
4 Put all three the pieces on top of each other with the Buckram in the middle.
5 pin together and stitch together by hand. 
6 Put “velcro” at the back.
7 Decorate. 
I decorated it with some round blue gems, red and yellow flower gems, little silver bows and two pieces of ribbon.
Princess Danika (my 8 year old sister) was my model.
The patten says it’s a princess’ crown but to me it looks more like to queen’s crown!

Here are some pictures of Danika:

I dressed her up for the photos, I always love playing dress-up with my little sister

The Princess/Queen on her thrown!

I made her a flower bouquet.

I just love her beautiful blue eyes here!

Please hop over to Kelly’s Sewing Challenge and see if you can join in.
I hope you like my crown and the pictures. I had LOTS of fun taking them!
Sewing Greetings 


  1. Gorgeous, Heidi! Love your crown! Danika is such a beautiful princess:-) Thank you so much for joining my sewing challenge! Love Kelly-Anne

  2. This crown is sooo beautiful!!! Love Nancy


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