01 September 2011

My Feet Are Sore!!

Well, that’s right, I have sore feet! If you have been reading my blog for a while you might know that I got ballet pointe shoes a few weeks ago. 
We are only allowed to do pointe work once a week for a start. I had three lessons on pointe so far and after class on Monday my feet was a little sore, but nothing to bad. On Tuesday morning I found out that my right foot was a bit blue just at my big toe!
Here is what it looked like! It’s purple-blue!
I also discovered later the morning that my left foot was sore too when doing a rise. I was a little worried, because I had class that Tuesday afternoon at four.
So my dad gave me DMSO spray and CMO cream to put on (My dad’s a Naturopath). I put it on three times during that day and by the afternoon it was much better.  But as I went through the class the pain got worse again. I was unable to do “Releve” and “Pirouettes”, because of the pain in the side of my left foot. 
When I got home, I treated myself with the “Rikta Cold Laser”, put some more DMSO and CMO on and went to bed.
On Wednesday morning the pain was gone! I’m SO glad I have a great dad that know how to treat my sore foot! Because it was really sore.
I think I hurt my foot by trying to do “Demi Pointe” with my pointe shoes:  

Haha, this is not easy at all!

Or maybe not jumping right on to my block, but a bit skew.
Well ballet isn’t easy, but is a LOT of fun! I still enjoy working on my points a lot and it’s one of the best events in my week!
 Now since we are talking about pointe shoes.....

Does anyone know where this classic pictures had their origin? I know lot of ballet schools have pointe shoes hanging like this on the wall; as their logo; at the door; in a ballet movie or a book.
Well I just happen to find out! (Well I think so! Lol!)
You know, when you get pointe shoes they normally come in a bag like this one:
I really like this bag, but my ballet teacher recommend when you get home you must take them out of the bag and hang them up. Your feet perspire and that makes your shoes soft, TOO FAST! Then you have to buy new ones within a month or so!
So that is where I think the picture of pointe shoes hanging came from.You have to hang them in fresh air, where it’s open! So they last longer.
Now my pointe shoes is also hanging, from my curtain rail! I’m going to ask my dad to fit me a special peg in the wall to hang them on, but for now they will hang from my curtain rails!
I hope you liked the pictures!
Till next time:
Ballet Greetings!


  1. I'm so glad that your feet are better, Heidi. You're very blessed to have a dad who can treat them for you. I've had cold laser treatments on my face for a problem and they keep me from having to have surgery on my face.

  2. Hope your feet feel better soon, my friend! I love your pointe shoes! Lots of love, Kelly-Anne

  3. ha ha ha ha ha, you think your feet hurt???? And that pic of your feet. Well ...... take a picture of them in a couple of years time when you are dancing on pointe for a few hours every day. THAT'S when they look really mangeled!

    ha ha. But don't worry, Heidi - I know what it's like when you start. I'm sorry to say, but stack more blisters and bleeding for your poor feet is coming - if you are serious about dance :P

    Great post though. Hey, can you post a video of your pointe work on your blog? That'd be cool, I am going to do that on my blog, too!

    Hey, thanks for the comment on by blogspot (I replied to it, by the way), nice job!

    Izi :)

  4. Hi Shelly
    The cold laser is real handy in our home! It help for a LOT of things, including tooth pains. It helps a lot for my dad and my braises! Worked well for my feet!

    Dear Kelly
    Thank you for commenting! My feet is not at all sore at the moment! Mis you lots!

    Hi Izi
    Thank you for taking the time to comment! It makes me feel so much better!! :-(

    I’m very serious about ballet. It is my one and only sport and it had been all my live!
    I have a BRILLIANT ballet teacher who danced with points for a long time!
    She is an older lady and over the years taught quite a few girls pointe work!

    We only do pointe work once a week for about 10 - 15 minutes of the class. We will slowly increase these times.
    But not even the very experience dancers in her school do pointe work EVERYDAY for a FEW hours, still they are VERY good.
    We go very slow with pointe and only dance in a concert with pointe when we are about 19-20-22 years old. (her concerts are three shows and classical professional ballet productions)

    I have class on Mondays and Tuesdays so when I do have sore feet it have a few days to recover!
    Also I have a very WISE father, not just because his my father, I have seen his miracles in his Health Shop and he will take care of my feet. You can take a look at his blog here: http://naturalmedicinetalk.blogspot.com/
    or his website here: http://www.eirenehealthshop.co.za/

    I can’t really do a Video though. No one is allowed to watch us dance unless we ask permission. At the end of each quarter we have a "Show-off" day during which your parents, siblings and friends are allow to come and watch us dance.
    That is the only time someone can take a video of me dancing with my points. We are not allowed to dance on our points at home, we are only allow to walk around in the house flat foot. Because we can easily hurt our feet when doing something wrong and so on.
    When it is the next "Show off" day I will let my mother/father take a video! :-)

    But I would LOVE to see a video of your points!! That will really be nice!

    Have a blessed weekend


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