10 August 2011

I Got Ballet Pointe Shoes!!!!!!!!!

As some of you know already, my best and only sport is ballet. I have been doing ballet since I was five, which means this is my 10th year of ballet.
Two weeks ago, my ballet teacher told me and a few other class friends that our feet are now strong enough for pointe shoes. Yes, I though I was not hearing right. Finally! After waiting so long! Since I was a little girl seeing the “big girls” dancing on pointe shoes I wanted to have them too.
So on Monday the 8th I got my first pointe shoes.
My ballet teacher went with us, to make sure we got the right kind of shoes and that they fit correctly.

Me (right) putting on my “toe caps”  

Putting on my first pair of pointe shoes on.
My first “rise” on pointe.
After trying on a lot of different makes and sizes I found a pair “Sansha” size 10, Width W.
When I got home, I took a few pictures:

That afternoon my mother attached the ribbons and when my dad got home from work we had a “photo shoot” of me and my points!
I just LOVE this picture!!!

I love my new pointe shoes! I know I’m going to have to work very hard to be good, and I need to work my feet to get them even stronger. Some girls said very different things about pointe shoes, that it’s SO hard to dance with and rising and all that. It is difficult to keep your balance, but if your feet are strong then it’s not that hard as some girls say! Practice makes perfect!!
This picture (at the top) is one I took! In a mirror of me with my pointe shoes and ballet dress of last year’s ballet consent and I would like to enter it into Monday Moments Photo Challenge - Reflection

This is what it looked like when I took the above picture!
My dad took this one with his iPhone. My mother (hiding away) is holding the mirror straight while I try to balance myself, getting a pretty position, keeping the camera still and take a picture.
I hope you like my photos!
Have a blessed week further!


  1. Wow lucky I will maybe be getting point-shoes some time now! because I need them for my exam in october!
    Stuur groete

  2. So you are a big girl now for sure! Lovely photos, I only played being a ballerina as a girl, never got the chance...Cherish the experience!

  3. Great pictures!!
    Thanks for linking up :)

  4. My dearsest friend - I am soooooooo glad you got your point shoes, you have been very patient in waiting for your feet to get strong enough! They are so pretty and wow! I cannot believe you are starting to dance on point already!! I think your 'reflection' photo is very clever! I miss you so much and I wish I could watch you dance with your beautiful new shoes!!! Lots and lots of love, your best friend, Kelly-Anne xxxxxxx

  5. Hey, that is SOOOOOOOOOO exciting. Did you get my reply comment to yours about the issue on my blog?

    ha ha, it's hard, hey, and at first they're literally as hard as wood! But it's SOOOOOOOOO worth it, and when they really start to bend it's really great, too. At the moment my pointes are over bended, or 'broken.' Which means that year, they bend heaps, but when they bend TOO MUCH it's not good. But that'll be ages away for you.

    Ok, good luck at your first class. Write all about it, won't you?

    Izi :)

  6. Thats awesome Heidi!!!

  7. Congrats on the shoe promotion!! They are just lovely.

  8. Thank you for commenting everyone!

    Melissa - I’m glad you are going to get points soon too! It’s really nice!

    Cherish - Yes, I guess you can say that I’m a “big girl” now. My little sister Danika of 8 also wants points, now. She wants to know how many “sleeps” till she can get hers!! She’s now looking up at me as a “big girl”.

    Melissa - I enjoy taking part in your photo challenge at lot. Thank you so much for hosting it every week!

    Kelly-Anne - I'm SO glad to have points too. One day, when I dance in a ballet concert on pointe, we will make effort to have you at the concert! Miss you, my Friend!

    Izi - I did see your reply. Thank you, I posted another comment on your blog. I will try and write about my first class on my blog, though I think it will be a very sort post.

    Sarah - I think it's awesome too! I want to wear and practice with them everyday. But I'll first have to ask my ballet teacher if that is ok for my feet.

    Lori - Thank you. I love them.

    Have a blessed weekend everyone.


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