20 September 2010

Photos of the Ballet Concert

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great weekend!

I just quickly want to show you some of the Ballet Concert Pictures.
The concert was “Peter Pan” and I was a “Pearl” at the lake on the island and a “Lost Boy”, one of Peter’s friends and little Danika was a star at night when “Wendy” was asleep in her room.

Back stage – make-up.

Danika (left) with her best friend.

Me in my “Pearl” dress and Danika as a “Star”.

We had little crowns and a ribbon with a rose around our necks.

She is so cute!

The stars whore “star crowns” 

Me in my Lost boy Costume.

Act 1 – Wendy’s bed room

It is evening and Wendy is playing a card game called Solitaire

They where awesome!

Night falls 

A close - up picture of the dresses

The stars come out and Wendy falls asleep 

Wendy’s dream 

Wendy is woken by her regular visitor Peter Pan who asks Wendy to read his favourite nursery rhyme:
“Mary Mary quite contrary
How does your garden grow?
With sliver bells and cockle shells 
And pretty maids all in a row”

Mary from the rhyme 

The silver bells

Cockle shells 

And the pretty maids all in a row
Then there was an interval for 20 min
Act 2 – The Lagoon
Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinker Bell arrive amongst the clouds above the lagoon.
They enjoy the lagoon characters before going on to the island.

The clouds

They made smoke come out when she came in and it created an amazing effect! 
My Dad took the pictures during the concert, without a flash light and I must say I think its stunning!

Then the sunbeams came

“sea pumpkins” , I just love there dresses



I love this picture!

The mermaids

And a close up picture of the mermaid’s dress 

The pearls

I love the way my dress was made.

And the beautiful sea princess!

Then another 20 min Interval

Act 3 – The Never Never Land
Peter Pan is happy to be back with his friends and all the familiar characters on the island. Captain Hook tries to capture Peter Pan but Peter Pan is once again too quick for him. The West Wind blows Hook off the island and everyone celebrates freedom form the dangerous Captain Hook:

The Lost Boys!


Peter Pan

Tinker Bell 


Red Skin indians 

Squaws  (Indian women)

Tiger Lily 

The Pirates 

Fish Sellers 

Captain Hook 

The West Wind that blows Captain Hook away.

The Grand Finale!

The big girls gave aunty Colleen a big bunch of flowers and photos, in a frame of this concert’s ballerinas.

Dear Aunty Colleen!
It was so much fun and very pretty! 
I hope you enjoyed the pictures, taken by my mom and dad 
Have a blessed week
Crafty Greetings 


  1. These are amazing Heidi. How are you doing? Hope you are having a great day.
    <3 Mercy

  2. Fantasties Heidi-Marie. Ek glo julle het die aand geweldig geniet. Dit lyk SOOO mooi...

  3. Hello my friend! Wow! You did so well! Your costumes are amazing and little Daniak looks too cute! I miss you very much! We should be getting internet on the farm soon so then I can blog again! Wonderful photographs!! Much love to you and your family from mine!! Have an awesome day!! Much love and hugs - your best friend, Kelly-Anne

  4. Absolutely beautiful ... well done to everyone ... absolutely beautiful.
    Granny Gray (Kelly-Anne's granny) xxx

  5. Hi!
    That must have been soooo much fun!
    Would have loved to see it!

  6. Hi Heidi-Mari

    The pics look sooo beautiful! I love ballet concerts.

    Izi xoxo

    P.S: I became a follower of your blog!


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