15 August 2011

Announcing The Winner Of My Fortnightly Baking Fun Challenge #2 - Anything Chocolate...

Well as you know, it is Monday which means...... it is time to announce the winner of my Fortnightly Baking Fun Challenge #2 - Anything Chocolate!
Thank you so much for everyone who entered!! All your chocolate recipes looks delicious and it is so nice to get a few new recipes. I had 6 entries with the chocolate challenge.
The winner, voted by all my blog readers is the 12 year old................
Congratulations Sarah, for winning my second Fortnightly Baking Fun Challenge! I’m going to try your Chocolate Macaroons recipe soon. 
Here is your special blinkie with a picture of your Chocolate Macaroons:
All you have to do is right click, then click “save image as”.
Then you can proudly display your winner blinkie on the side of your blog with a link back to this post so that your blog readers can see you won and also join in next time.
Now if any one would like to win a blinkie like this, all you have to do is enter here. The next fortnightly baking challenge is Cupcakes, and ends the 22nd of August.  I even have a cupcake recipe that you can use. You just show us a special decorating technique!
Please join in the fun!
Have a blessed week everyone
Baking Greetings!


  1. Yay! I'm so happy I won! Thanks Heidi! :D :D :D

  2. Well done Sarah! Heidi, your baking challenge is really a lot of fun - I love it so much! Kelly-Anne


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