01 August 2011

Announcing Something for A Tea, Baking fun challenge winner...

Hello everyone! 
Today is Monday and it is time for me to announce the winner of first Baking Fun Challenge!!
The winner voted by all my readers is the nine year old....................
Congratulations Gabi! You won my first Baking Fun Challenge, Something for a Tea. Gabi’s recipe is Scrumptious Shortbread!!!
My brother and I made you a special winner blinkie.
Here it is:
I hope you like it!! All you do is right click then click on ‘save image as’. You can put it on the side of you blog with a link to this post so that people can come a see you won! 
There will be a blinkie made for each fortnightly winner, with a photo of what they made.
Do you know why Gabi won? Besides having a stunning recipe, Gabi posted on her blog, asking all her readers to please go and vote for her. Great job Gabi! You are all allowed to advertise that people can vote for you! Anywhere you like!
If you want to be the next challenge’s winner, be sure to enter for this fortnightly baking challenge, Chocolate!!
You still have one week to enter.
Have a blessed week everyone
Crafty Greeting 

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  1. Congrats Gabi!! Lots of love - Kelly-Anne Heidi, the rules are much easier to understand now! Perfect!! Lots of love, my dearest friend, miss you sooooooo much!! Blessings, Kelly-Anne


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