12 July 2011

I’m starting A Baking Challenge!!!!

Hello everyone, I have big news...........I’m going to start a Baking Challenge!!! While my mother and I was baking and having fun in the kitchen,  getting ready for my tea party, my mother came up with the idea and I think it’s GREAT!! The name will be:

Fortnightly Baking Fun Challenge!
Here is how it works:
I will post a new theme every second Tuesday. You will then have two weeks to enter. The challenge will close on the second Monday night, after the challenge was published.
So that you will have enough time to find your recipe, plan, do shopping, bake and enter!!
Only one entry per person will be accepted to make it fair for everyone!
Post the recipe on your blog, with at least one picture of the finished product.
Please back link your recipe post to my blog, so that when others read your blog they know where to look for the challenge. This way they can enter too and enjoy all the recipes!!
If you don’t have a blog please don’t let that stop you! E-mail it to me, with a picture and I can post it on my blog and enter it on your behalf.
You can vote for the winner!
I will have a beautiful blinkie made for the Winner. Age doesn’t matter. Whether you are a little girl/boy or already a grandma, please do enter.
The aim of the challenge is to encourage mothers and grandma’s with their children to enjoy making food in the kitchen, to share recipes, find new ones and have lots of fun!!!

So on to this weeks challenge:
Something For A Tea!!
Since I had a tea party on Saturday, celebrating my 14th Birthday, I’m challenging you to make 
anything that you could put on a table for a tea. A tart, cake, cookies, sweet or salt. It doesn’t have to be extraordinary. 
Here is my “something for a tea” recipe:
Lemon Squares!!

You will need:
2 x (200g) packs of Tennis Biscuits 
1/4 cup Soft Butter
2 cups of Fine Grade Coconut plus more as needed
1 can (385g) Full Cream Sweetened Condensed Milk 
1/2 cup plus 2 table spoons Lemon Juice
2 1/2 cups icing sugar 
2 tablespoons boiling water 
Little bit of food coloring (optional)
1. Mix well together the butter, coconut, condensed milk and half a cup of lemon juice.
2. Lay a single layer of Tennis Biscuits in a 27cm x 37cm pan, at least 4 cm deep. 
3. Pour the butter, coconut, Condensed Milk and Lemon juice mix over the tennis biscuits.
4. Lay a second layer of tennis biscuits on top.  
5. Mix the icing sugar, hot water and 2 table spoons of lemon juice together and pour over the tennis biscuits.
6. Then sprinkle some coconut on top. (I colored the coconut with red food coloring) If you want to have a colored Lemon square, mix a little bit of food coloring with the coconut and then sprinkle over the icing.
7. Refrigerate for up to a day
8. Take out of the refrigerator and defrost a bit (an hour in winter, 15 minutes in summer) and cut in squares. 
Can be refrigerated for up to 6 months!
Now Please show me your “Something for a Tea” recipes!
Please link directly to the recipe post and not your whole blog, it just makes it easier for me to find it.
Bon appetite!!

Entries close at Tuesday the 26 of July at 12 PM GMT +2.  Voting start immediately after entries close.


  1. I like this and hope to enter. Esther

  2. Great idea, my friend!!! Hope I can take part, too, sounds like soooooooo much fun! Cannot wait for your party pictures and these lemon squares look divine! Lots of love, Kelly-Anne

  3. Awesome idea Heidi!! I'll see if I can bake something up to enter!!

  4. Hey Heidi-Mari,

    That's such an awesome idea!! I love cooking and baking, and hope to go on MasterChef one day!

    Izi :)

  5. Hello my dearest friend, I am your second entrant!! I am spreading the word! Miss you soo much and I hope many more people enter!!! Lots of love, Kelly-Anne

  6. Hey Heidi-Mari,
    I am soo glad I could enter... even if it was last minute rush!!!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Heidi-Mari can we vote 4 our own thing that we made? If I were you I would'nt do that cos' else everyone will vote 4r their own....It's up 2 u.

  9. Oh and where do u live? I'm interested cos' I like yr stuff....

  10. Hi Gabi
    Thank you for entering! The challenge is a  two weekly challenge so it will close on Tuesday the 26 of July at 12 PM GMT +2.  Voting start immediately after entries close.
    The new theme will be up on the 26 at about 12pm. So just keep watching!
    The idea of voting is to get friends and family to vote for you. The programe don’t allow me to restrict you so you can’t vote for yourself.
    I live in Cape Town South Africa.
    Have a blessed day!

  11. Hey Heidi-Mari!
    That's so cool!
    So do i!
    Where about in Cape Town?
    I'm hmmm near Meadowridge...in Bergvliet, where are you in the Cape?
    :) Hope we are some where near one another....

  12. Hi my dearest friend!! So glad you got five entries...can't wait to see the top three! Having a baking challenge is such a great idea! Love you lots, Kelly-Anne

  13. Hi Kelly
    I’m also so glad! Thank you for entering!
    After reevaluation I decided there will be no top 3, to make it fear to everyone. The winner will be voted out of all the entries! So make sure to come back and vote!
    New challenge will be up at noon today!

  14. Hi my friend, sorry...just wanted to know, I was wanting to vote for Nancy, but it says 'can't vote for own'...do you know what this means??? Love, Kxx

  15. Dear readers,
    I have recently found out that Inlinkz does not allow you to vote for your own entry.
    I tried to change it, but I couldn’t. So will you please vote for the recipe you like most, besides your own! Since this is the first time I do voting and that kind of stuff, please have mercy on me, while I'm figuring it out!
    If you have any other problems please let me know so I can help you

  16. Dear heidi-marie thanks-you for following my blog!


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