02 August 2011

Time for Tots/ Tots School over at Beautiful Girlhood!

Hi everyone! 
I decided to take part in Kelly’s Time for Tots/Tots School draw again. My friend Kelly-Anne is having a draw on activities for toddlers. She posts a post every week with an activity for toddlers and if you have an idea, post it on your blog and stand a chance to be one of the top five favorite tots activities! 
I took part in this a while ago. Recently my little brothers and sister made crashed rainbow eggs the other day I thought it would work well for another time for tots entry!
 Crashed Rainbow Eggs!!
What you need:
Old egg shells
Food coloring - all the colors you like!
Ziplock bags 
Wooden rolling pin 
White card stock 
Give each little one, a Ziplock bag filled with a few eggs shells. Let them crash it with their hands or a rolling pin.

Add the food coloring. Be sure to wear gloves or else your hands will be stained with food coloring!
Let them shake it, so that all the egg shells are colored.
There’s your crushed colored egg shells.
Draw an egg shape on a piece of white card stock. Put glue all over the egg shape.

Let your tots make patterns with all the different egg shells colors on the egg shape. 
Like this. Leave it to dry and then throw off the loose egg pieces.

There you are!

Please hop over to Beautiful Girlhood and take a look at her Time for Tots activities! 
Have a blessed week
Crafty Greeting

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  1. Oh wow! Thanks so much for doing another activity for me! This is a stunning one! Looks as if your little siblings really had a great time! I love this idea! Kelly-Annexxxxx


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