17 April 2011

Time for Tots Activity At Beautiful Girlhood

Hello everyone! 
Today I’m posting a “Time for Tots Activity” post to enter the draw at Beautiful Girlhood blog! My dear friend Kelly-Anne is having a draw on activities for toddlers. She posts a post every week with an activity for toddlers and if you have an idea, post it on your blog and stand a chance to be one of the top five favorite tots activities! 
Since I also have many little siblings, I thought to give it a shot!

Painting eggs for Easter! 
What you will need:
Real eggs as many as you like
A needle or something thin and sharp to make holes in the eggs without breaking the egg. 
Different colors of crafting paint.
A paint brush 
You need to make two holes in the egg. One at the top and one at the bottom with a needle.
Now you must blow on the one hole in the egg. Egg will come out at the other side.
Then the little ones can get started! (let them wear an apron or old clothes)
Give every one a paint brush and egg and some paint and let them paint!
The older toddlers from about age 4 and up can paint patterns with different colours and the younger ones only one or two colors. You still need to supervise and help the younger ones! Here are some pictures:

Daniel (age 2) painting his egg! 

David (age 4) He isn’t board here, he just always likes to pull funny faces when we take pictures of him!!

Andrew (age 5) painting his egg.

Danika (age 7)

Josua (age 10) also wanted to try it out! 
From left to right Danika, David, Daniel and Andrew enjoying themselves! 
While his brothers and sisters painted theire beautiful eggs.........

Michael pretended to wet the garden just like mommy! 

Isn’t he just so cute!!
Please do hop over to my dear friends’ blog and give her a few ideas of the tots activity you do with your little ones! For more information go here. 
Have a blessed week 


  1. Hello dearest Heidi-Mari! Thank you so much for doing this Time for Tots activity! It is so cute and your little siblings really looked as if they enjoyed it and yes, Michael is adorable! I can't believe how big he is...it seems like the other day you had a post here announcing the birth of your new baby brother! Again, thanks for taking the time to do this, I really appreciate it! Miss you loads and loads! Love and hugs, Kelly-Anne xxx

  2. Hi Heidi-Mari,

    HAPPY EASTER, I hope you have a good one. I really enjoyed the last post. Keep them coming. The pics were really cool, too.

    Izi xoxo


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