06 April 2011

CJ The Movie Stunt Rider!

Hey everyone, I’m back with a posting about what we were up too the past week. (23 to 26 March) I know I’m a bit late but I type slow and don’t have much time to post! But here I’m now.  CJ, my older brother, was asked to be a Stunt Jump Rider (with horses) for one of the main characters of an Irish production, near Cape Point, here in Cape Town South Africa. 
The Movie’s name is Camelot (about King Arthur and his Knights.) So on Wednesday morning my mother, CJ, Josua and baby Michael (I looked after the other little ones) first went to wardrobe, to fit his costume and then to the set and they spent the whole day there.
Here are some pictures of the first day:

CJ needed to look like the real actor, so he had to wear a wig and they gelled his fringe back to glue the wig onto hi own hair.

CJ was one of the stunt men for the Knight named “Kay”

The village set that they built!

This is the fence CJ had to jump over with a horse!
Some of the other actors practicing the sword fighting! 
Some of the weapons.

And some more......

Josua with a bow and arrow!
CJ slept over in a guest house near the set, because they started practicing very early and had to look after the horses used for the shoot!
My mother, Josua and Michael came home very late on Wednesday evening, at about 19:30 and I had prepared dinner for my family! 
The next day my mother, Josua and Michael went again and took some more pictures......

The village almost finished! 
The horses did not want to jump over the fence! (If I was a horse I would not want to either!!) So they broke down the fence and while slowly building it up, let the horses jump over it..

After a lot of practicing they got the horses over! 

CJ jumping over the fence. 

Little Michael really enjoyed having his mommy all for himself!!

Playing in the long grass, isn’t he just so cute!!

CJ on the left with the horse and in the back the actor who plays the knight “Kay” (CJ was the stunt rider for Kay)

CJ on the horse. The horse is wearing its costume here.

Some of the men putting up a rail for the camera to ride on.

Look at the big camera! 
My mother came home about an hour earlier as the previous night and I prepared dinner again! She enjoyed the day out, with Michael and Josua, watching CJ and all the activities on the set, so much! 
My dad Josua and I would have gone on Friday morning, but it turned out that CJ had to practice before 9 in the morning and then he was off for the rest of the day, so we did not go.
Little Michael saw how all the actors practiced sword fighting for the shoots on Friday and Saturday. Here he got hold of a sword and here is his version of sword fighting!

He is just SO cute!!
On Saturday morning we (my dad, Josua and I) left at 6 in the morning to make sure we don’t miss anything!

CJ getting the wig! 

He looks much older! 

CJ warming-up the horse.

CJ and the horse both with costumes!

Another stunt man for the actor who plays “Kay”.

After all the practicing the previous three days, the horses didn’t want to jump the fence again!

But they managed to get the horses over! 
The “special effects” people made gusts of mist, with smoke machines.
They did a good job! It looked like in Ireland with all the mist.

There was another knight named “Gawain”, he also needed a stunt man.
Then another stunt man for Kay got on the horse and they made the horse rear.

The real actor that plays the knight, Kay doing his safe scenes.
Then they filmed the other actor that plays Gawain 

What an action picture!
If you want read more about our filming week, you can go to my mother’s blog of day 1, 2 and 4.
Here is also a short movie clip my dad made:
We all had such a lovely time! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and watching the mini movie! 
Have a blessed week
Crafty Greetings! 


  1. Thats so cool!
    Tell your brother I say congratulations to him!
    Do you know when they'd be finished with the movie and if their going to release it into the cinamers?

  2. How very exciting!! Well done for looking after your 3 little brothers on your own and making dinner! I so enjoyed reading about it :) love,Karyn


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