27 August 2011

Kelly’s Sensational Sewing Challenge - Bags!!

Hello everyone. My dear friend, Kelly-Anne is hosting a sewing challenge on her blog. It’s a monthly challenge and you have to make something (Kelly gives a theme) and then put it on your blog or e-mail her to enter! Please go to Kelly’s blog for all the detail!

The theme for her first Challenge is............
It’s A Girl Thing - Bags!
I decided to enter too. So here is my bag:
I got the idea on this lady’s blog and I thought it’s a great idea.
This bag is for a little baby girl to play on and put her toys in!
You open the bag, flatten it out for baby to Play on, with all her favorite toys in reachable distance and when she don’t want to play anymore, all you have to do is....

Pull the ribbons!! All the toys are in the bag!
This is handy when you have to go out.  You just grab the bag and Baby has toys and a blanket to play on.
Here is how I made it:
 I cut two circles of the same size with different material;
Make four button holes at four opposite side’s of one of the circles, at 12 O’clock, 3 O’clock, 6 O’clock and 9 O’clock.
Overlock the two circles together, 
Make a casing big enough for a continous ribbon to thread though; 
Pull a piece of the ribbon out of the casing, at the four button holes;
Make a knot in the ribbon, where they come out of the button hole, to prevent the ribbon from pulling back into the casing.
Me stitching.

Putting the ribbon through the casing.
It’s very easy to make if you don’t have a problem cutting two circles exactly the same size. 
This is also a great gift to someone! One of my mother’s friends is expecting a little girl so I made her this bag and I’m going to put some soft toys inside too!
I also made a bigger blue one first, for my little brothers to play on with their DUPLO® blocks.

Daniel holding their big bag of DUPLO®  blocks.

This opened a totally new world to the little ones! They never before enjoyed playing DUPLO®  blocks as much as they do now, since no one enjoy picking  up blocks after playtime! Now they play in front of the fireplace or at my Mother’s feet while she teach the older children.  When they are finished playing (not often) they just throw back the odd DUPLO block, pull the ropes (at the four openings) and put away their bag.
I hope you like my bag! Please hop over to Kelly’s blog and have a look at her variety of beautiful bags!
Sewing Greetings


  1. Hi my friend! What a wonderful idea! I love your bag so much! Thank you sooo much for joining me at SSC this month! Lots and lots of love, Kelly-Anne

  2. You are such an inspiration!


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