11 October 2011

The Winner Is.........

Hi everyone! It’s time to announce the winner of my Fortnightly Baking Fun Challenge. The theme was Italian Food and I had a total of 3 entries
The winner was voted to be…..
Congratulations Sarah.

 You have won the Food Lover’s Pasta recipe book. 
Please will you claim you prize by e-mailing your postal address, so I can get your prize off to you.
I also made you a special winner blinkie:
All you have to do is right click, then click “save image as”.
Then you can proudly display your winner blinkie on the side of your blog with a link back to this post so that your blog readers can see that you won and also join in next time.
If anyone want to win a recipe book too or want a blinkie, all you do is enter my baking challenge. The current Fortnightly Baking Fun Challenge is Muffins. You can win a Bread and Muffins recipe book! You have until Monday the 17th of October to enter.
Baking Greetings


  1. Lovely blog , greeting from Belgium

  2. Thanks guys!
    (And thanks who ever voted for me!) =D


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