30 October 2011

Kelly’s Sensational Sewing Challenge

Hi everyone. Today I would like to show you something I made for Kelly’s Sensational Sewing Challenge.

The theme is...
I’m entering felt doughnuts! My sister Danika loves playing tea with the doughnuts I made.

 I took the photos on a felt plate that my mom made. I found the pattern for the doughnuts here.
The one is a doughnut with pink icing and a naartjie on top. I added red beads too, to look like sprinkles.
The other is also with icing on top but two almonds added.

It was fun to make. You don’t need a sewing machine, it’s fast and easy.

Please hop over to Kelly’s sewing challenge and see if you can take part in her challenge!
Have a blessed week 
Sewing Greetings 

1 comment:

  1. Dearest Heidi-Mari, thank you for making these sweet doughnuts and entering them in my challenge! Miss you lots:) xxx


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