07 July 2010

A Very Busy Three Weeks

Hello everyone, I’m not posting a card, but will tell you a bit about our very busy past three weeks.

It started, when my dad’s Health Shop Assistant went on holiday for two weeks, so my dad asked my older brother and I to help him in the shop.
I’ve helped in the shop before, packing flour and salt, labelling products and doing filing. I only needed to learn how to work the till.
My mom had a challenging time at home, trying to do everything as usual, but with two babies, two toddlers, Josua and Danika, and without my brother and I.
Thank you mom!

As I said before, Danika and Andrew’s birthdays were on the 14th and 15th of June.
We decided to tell them both that their birthdays were on Wednesday the 16th, since it was a public holiday in South Africa. But Danika’s birthday party was the Saturday before the birthday week and Andrew’s party the Saturday after the birthday week.

So, after the first week of getting up early to help in the health shop and going to bed late, we still had to get every thing ready for Danika’s party.
She had a card making party, so my mom and I made the little girls each a card making kit. Each kit had a stamp that I coloured and all the pieces of paper already cut for them in a lay out. They where free to change the layout as they liked.

The mommy’s helping their girls.

The mommy’s enjoyed it just as much as the little girls.

My Best friend Kelly's sisters were also invited to the party. Kelly and I helped the girls and did not make cards ourselves!

Me helping Danika and one of her friends.

As you can see it was big work, but they really enjoyed it!

All the little girls, with their beautiful cards!
After the making of the cards (they made it in half an hour) we all had something to eat and home made milkshakes!

The pink table

My mom and I baked cupcakes, heart biscuits, chocolate slices and doughnuts.

Danika didn’t have a cake, so we put candles on cupcakes.

The little girls enjoyed the party a lot!
After Danika’s party came the birthdays….
On Wednesday morning after everyone woke up, we gave Danika and Andrew their presents.

My mom and I made Danika card making kits as one of her birthday gifts.

She also got a kit to decorate her own tiaras, from the grandparents.
She got a Lego helicopter, since she always plays Lego with the boys.
Danika also got a few other crafty things from friends.

I also gave Danika and Andrew their cards.

Andrew got a helicopter that can hang out of the ceiling and when you switch it on the helicopter fly in circles.

Andrew also got a Lego helicopter.
By 16h00 we had tea, coffee and an Angel Food cake decorated with buttercream that I baked.

We made one half of the cake pink and the other half blue.
So it fits both a boy and a girl.

We finished the day of, with home made pizza.

My dad makes the best pizza in the world!

We all ate in front of the fireplace.

Then came Andrew’s birthday party.
Andrew decided to have an UP party. It is a Walt Disney pictures movie, about an old man wanting to go on an adventure trip to South America. All his life it was his dream. Then when he is old, takes a lot of helium balloons, tie these to his house and there he goes up into the sky in his house. It is a really sweet movie for little children and Andrew loved it!

My brother CJ made a little house, out of polystyrene, just like the real house!
Busy painting the house

For the finished house my mother bought 50 helium balloons and we ended up using all 50 balloons to let the house lift from the ground!

We had the party out side. We put the house outside on the grass, tied to the ground with a rope.

My mom, CJ and I decorating the cake.

Michael really liked the tree!
(We have a plastic tree that we decorate with sweets and goodies.)

CJ and my mom finding a way to make the walls.

The finished cake!

We did a great job didn’t we
Everyone enjoyed the party so much!

We also made each child a little house.

With a balloon to take home

When all the friends left we took the left-over balloons and tied 10 balloons to a little house to let it go up.
We tied a rope to the house so we could pull it back.
(The big house got broken during the party)

There was a wind and while watching, the rope broke and the house went up and up!!

We thought Andrew was going to cry, but he was so pleased to see the house really go UP!
It sure was a busy three weeks, but it was so much fun!

Crafty Greetings


  1. What an interesting and delightful post to read. Such a talented and loving family. So nice to see. I think your friends are all super talented and their cards are beautiful, just as your are. Wonderful to have such super memories. Loved all the baked goodies too...hmmmm, Take care, hugs Sharon

  2. Heidi i loved reading this, what amazing birthday parties and fabulous creations! Your family are so talented! :o) Kate x

  3. How lovely and the little houses with balloons are a fabulous idea! Well done.


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