25 July 2010

A Special Birthday From A Special Family

Hi everyone. Today I will like to share with you a very special birthday my family gave me.
A few weeks ago my best friend and her family brought news that they are moving from Fishhoek back to a farm, near Knysna, where they lived a few years ago.
I was very disappointed to hear they are moving. To make it even worse, they would go at the end of June and she would not able to be at my birthday.
My mother promised that she would arrange a get together for me and Kelly before they leave.
Still my mom did not tell me anything.
On the 22nd of June, a Tuesday, my mom told me that Kelly would come the next day at 12 and then my mother would take us for a pedicure!
Afterwards we would have tea and cake at a coffee shop.
Me relaxing on the bed while they do my toes.

Kelly relaxing while they do her feet.

My finished feet.

Can you see the little pink butterflies on my two big toes?

Here are Kelly’s beautiful feet.

She chose hearts for her big toes.

Then we went to the coffee shop.
We didn’t have tee but we had hot chocolate, I had carrot cake and Kelly had lemon meringue cake. It was delicious!
I really enjoyed it.

Kelly also gave me a book Preparing to be a Help Meet

And she made me a beautiful card, while very busy packing for their move to Knysna!
In our family, when you are older than 7you don’t have a party with cakes and lots of friends anymore. We can choose one friend and do something special with them. The night of our birthday we eat out with our parents.
I turned 13 on the 11th of July and my brother CJ had a jumping show the Sunday, on my birthday!
My parents asked if we could move my birthday to Saturday the 10 of July.
So I said it’s OK. One day less to wait for my special day!
My mother made me a very pretty dress to wear, for dinner.
It’s a princess style dress with a bolero and I love it!

On Saturday morning I got:

My first set of Promarkers!
I always used to colour with water colouring pencils.
Promarkers is so much easer to colour with and I already made a card with my Promarkers here.
I also got a pack of Marker Pad paper, which does not bleed when you colour with Promarkers.

A very sweet friend of my mother, aunty Emma, drove all the way with a 37 weeks pregnant tummy to bring me a gift.
A huge pink box with a big pink bow on top. I was too exited to take picture of the box! But here is what was inside:
A huge white towel with pink butterflies and pink dots, a face towel and two cloths!

AND a white satin pillowcase!
That is so sweet of her.
I’m putting it away for when I’m older.

My mother also made me a stunning birthday card.
I just love it, it’s my favourite colours!
Thank you, so much mother!
My dad surprised me with a bunch of beautiful pink roses too!
And it’s such a pretty colour.

The card and flowers were exactly the same colours!

My little sister Danika also made me a very sweet card all by her self!

On Saturday night I went out to dinner with my parents and baby Michael.

My parents surprised me with a beautiful string of pearls!!

I love them! The pearls have deferent colours - it so special.

We had a lovely supper, while Michael was playing with the gift wrapping paper of my pearls!

My mother told our waiter, it’s my birthday and after the main meal they all sang to me.

They also brought me a slice of carrot cake with a sparkle on!
I had such a special birthday from my very special family!

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  1. What a wonderful post Heidi, it was lovely to read and i'm so glad you had a great birthday! Enjoy being 13! :o) Kate x

  2. That looks like a lovely birthday and how great that Kelly Anne could be with you.

    I LOVE the nailpolish on your toes!

  3. Hello, my friend...it was wonderful sharing your special day with you..you are such a good friend! I am so glad you are enjoying created to be a helpmeet!!!



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