14 December 2010

My First Blog Anniversary Challenge Winner!

Hi everyone, hope you’re all well.
As some of you may know, it was my first blog anniversary challenge on Friday.
And to celebrate it I held a once-off challenge.
It closed on Friday and now the winner.
To my disappointment I only had two entries - my little sister and a friend. 
Now I can’t pick a winner out of the two of them, so.......... 
You are both winners!!
Congratulations to:
 I have separated the candy into two equal packages, then I gave each of the parcels a number. I took two pieces of paper wrote Danika’s name on the one and Kelly’s name on the other.
I then closed the papers, mixed them and wrote the same numbers on each of them. Then I opened the papers and the names that matched the numbers, decided what parcel they each get, to make it fair.
You will also receive a winner blinkie.
Kelly I’ll e-mail you soon to get your new postal address and to sort out your blinkie.
I also want to say thank you to everyone who helped with my challenge:
Thank you to my Dad - for helping with Mr. Linky and sponsoring the candy 
Thank you to my Mom - for taking me to an art shop to choose some candy.
Thank you to Paola from Paola's Paper Heaven - for sending me some BEAUTIFUL candy 
Thank you to Margaret from Denique Crafts - for also sending a GREAT candy
Thank you to: Di, Tracey, Tanja, my mother, Kate, Paola and Gunn - for the BEAUTIFUL sample cards, which you made and  posted to me. 
And last but simply not least thank you to my brother CJ - for making the blinkies.
Have a blessed week everyone
Crafty Greetings  

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  1. Heide, sweetheart please don't be dissapponted. People are super busy this time of year, including myself. I'm sure you will have more entries on your next challenge. :) Precious Hugs,


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