16 July 2012

My 15th Birthday

Hello all my blog readers, I know I haven’t been posting much on my blog lately, but today I would like to show you a few pictures of my 15th birthday, Wednesday the 11th.

The evening before my birthday, my mother booked places for 3 people (my dad, my mom and me) to the Lindt Chocolate Winter Warmers Course! The chocolatiers demonstrated how to make a Chocolate Fondant Pudding, a Chocolate Soufflé and a Chilli Chocolate Tart (don’t worry it doesn’t burn!).
The Chilli Chocolate Tart mixture.
This is what it looked like baked and cut. 
Making the Chocolate Fondant pudding.
Me piping some of the chocolate Fondant mixture in to small bowls.
After the pudding was baked they popped a white Lindor ball inside.
Then turned it over and added a scoop of ice cream, it’s delicious!!

They also showed us how to make an amazing Chocolate Soufflé.

Filled to the very top!
It rose quite a bit!
It was a wonderful evening and I really enjoyed it.
The next day, my mother took me to a baking shop, where we ordered a few chocolate molds. I also went to play tennis in the afternoon with my brothers and sister and in the evening my parents took me out for dinner. It was a really special birthday, thank you to the best family in the world for giving me such a lovely birthday!! 
Happy Greetings


  1. Happy birthday precious girl! Those souffles look scrumptious!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    It was my Birthday the 15th!
    Hope you had a wonderful day!

  3. Oh divine...

    So glad you enjoyed your birthday, my friend...I can't believe it was a year ago you had your mother and daughter tea. It was around that time my Mom and Dad were CT...

    Miss you much:)


  4. Happy Birthday!

    Those kind of birthdays warm the heart, don't they?



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