04 March 2010

Friday Sketchers Challenges

Here is another Friday Sketchers Challenges that I did. The sketch host for this week is Carole.
There is no title on this card, so I can use it for anyone or anything.
The 8th card I made was also non-specific. Last week my ballet teacher called, to inform us there will be no ballet for Danika and me that day, because she was sick!
So my mom suggested we give her the card and flowers (my mom would buy and deliver it while she did the weekly shopping that afternoon)
My teacher was so glad that we drove especially and drop it of for her!
It is so nice to have a card at hand that you can give to anyone anytime.

This is the lay out for this week’s sketch.

I bought the paper in a Scrapbook shop in Durban, when my dad and I when to Durban last week.
My dentist in Durban does braces differently than the usual braces, so when I go for a check-up (every 2-3 months) my dad and I have a look in the lovely Scrapbook shop there.

The flowers I once bought at a Scrapbook shop near Tygervalley Centre. I absolutely loved them and when I wanted to go buy more, they didn’t have!

This week my mom went to a stationary shop to buy craft paper for the little ones, and there she found all the different colours of that same flowers.
So my mom bought a lot.
I think its lovely.

I decided to use one of my Sugar Nelly stamps, and this one just fit perfect!

My card needed a finishing touch, so I made a bow with the ribbon.
Crafty Greetings

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  1. Hello Heidi-Mari! I used the same stamp that you did! Struggled a bit with this one! The next sketch looks interesting! Beautiful card! Poor Aunty Colleen, is she better now? I am sure she loved her card!



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