10 March 2010

LLATL Lapbook Part 2

 Hello every one, I hope you are all well!
As I said before my siblings and I are home schooled by our lovely mother.
We are doing Lapbooking. Lapbooking is like a file with lots of folds with information in, and I have just finished my second part of LLATL Red book.(click here for the first part)

 The front page

 When you open, these are the first 2 pages

 The top of page 1

Top of page 1, but all the folds are opened.

Page 2

Page 2 with all the folds opened.

When you turn page 2 over, you’ll find pages 3 and 4.

 Page 3 with all the folds closed

Page 3 with all the folds opened

Page 4 with all the folds closed

Page 4 with all the folds opened

And here are some of my favourite folds:

I’ve cut out the letters with my Silhouette machine.

This is a very interesting way to show our school work and a good way for me to refresh the work I’ve done. You can do it at any age.
Danika (6 years), Andrew (4 years) and David (3 years) are also doing Lapbooking. They have just finished their weather lapbooks.
Josua and I have also finished our weather lapbooks, our’s are just more advanced.

Crafty Greetings

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