25 August 2012

Photos Of My Brother CJ’s 18th Birthday!

I can’t believe it, my big brother is 18 years old! His birthday was on the 17th, and I thought I would share a few photos of his special day with you.

He is such a close friend of mine. We do lost of things together and I can tell him just about anything and know he would never tell anyone else. I enjoy washing dishes with him, making breakfast, lunch, dinner, clean up, wash the cars etc. I couldn’t have asked for a better older brother!

 He got a little car for his birthday!
I knew about it, and it was a HUGE challenge for me to keep it a secret from him! 
As a birthday present from me, I baked him a chocolate cake:

Lindt Chocolate’s Chocolate Cake recipe. With a coffee ganache, 

and an Amarula ganache,

and homemade chocolate cigars!

Me putting the cake together.

CJ with the cake.

It was VERY good!

Then on Saturday evening CJ and Josua (Josua’s birthday is exactly a week after CJ’s, on the 24th, so it was also for him) invited a few friends to the Lindt Chocolate Studio and they did the Chocolate Appreciation Course.

The group. 

In this course they learned a little about the history of chocolate, tasting different chocolates and decorating their own Lindor lollies! 

Josua’s lindor lolly-pop!

CJ went even further and made a little chocolatier face with a hat!

Love it!

They all enjoyed it so much! 

After the course they went to the Italian restaurant Andiamo for a pizza.
Photo’s taken by my dad and mom!

Have a blessed week everyone

Chocolate Greetings


  1. Happy Birthday to CJ!
    WOW 18!

  2. Happy bday CJ!=D
    Hi Heidi! Please join my Designer Challenge #3!
    You may also want to vote for the other people on Challenge #2. I really hope you leave a comment sometime - you'll make my day;)
    Thanx, and reply soon!

  3. The cake you made looks sooooo yummy!!! I loved the way that you added the chocolate cigars to the sides.



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