18 February 2010

Friday Sketchers Challenges

Hello every one, I hope you are all well.

Here is the Friday Sketchers Challenges lay out.
And my card:

On Monday the 22nd of February, it is my mom’s birthday, and I used the Friday Sketchers Challenges lay out for a birthday card for her.

I glittered the ribbons on the little Magnolia girl’s dress and flowers in her hand.
I shadowed the girl’s cheeks with Decorating Chalks.
I always start making my Friday Sketchers card on a Monday night, and my little sister Danika loves using her Scrapbook bag and just make cards too, for any one!
Normally she makes the cards for her best friend, but this time she made a birthday card for my mom.

We gave her a Scrapbook kit for Christmas and she still uses it.
The stamp is one of my stamps that I gave to her to colour.
I like the way she makes cards, and I think its excellent for her age!

When my 9 year old brother, Josua, heard that we are making cards for my mom’s birthday, he wanted to make one too.

Josua borrowed some of Danika’s things and made a Beautiful card.
They did not take part in the Friday Sketchers Challenges but I just wanted to show you.

My mom does not know what the cards looks like.
So don’t say anything…….!
Crafty Greetings


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  2. Hello Heidi-Mari! You are getting very good at cardmaking! Looking forward to seeing you!



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