23 February 2010

Happy Birthday Mother!

On Monday the 22nd it was my mother’s 41st birthday.

We gave her a flower vase and a beautiful cake stand for her birthday.
I also gave my mother, her birthday card.
We had family on Sunday morning for tea and friends on Sunday night for supper.
We baked an Angel Food cake  and decorated it with Butter Cream Filling and  Chocolate Ganache.

This was the tea time cake

And the pudding after supper

On Monday morning we took my mother to the Meerendal Wine Estate for cake and coffee.
Here are a few pictures:

Eating cake

Me eating cake

Josua eating cake

Danika runing with the boys on the lawn in front of the restaurant.

Andrew, he has a funny way of runing

David, he runs fast and light, like a deer.

Daniel on a table pulling funny faces

Little Michael fast a sleep and “Powered by Breast milk”

I think my mother looks GREAT for her age, I’m proud of her!
Happy Birthday mother!
Thank you for being such a lovely mother.

Have a wonderful day every one, I’ll be back soon with more….
Crafty Greetings


  1. Hello Heidi-Mari!!! I looove Michael's babygro! Lovely photos! So glad your Mom had a good birthday!


  2. What a beautiful family. You Mother looks wonderful especially for having 8 children. She is blessed.

    I am a new follower from the States.


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